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Foc Eco Brasserie

Foc Eco Brasserie is located in the exclusive Suites del Lago complex, a five-star hotel in Cala en Bosch, Ciutadella. Foc Eco Brasserie cuisine is based on two basic pillars. On the one hand, the elaboration, in which fire and embers are the protagonists, confers a distinctive aroma of grilled cooking. On the other hand, in the proximity and quality of the garden products, counting in the restaurant itself with a harvest in a hydroponic system, organically grown fruits and vegetables a few meters from the premises, and eggs produced on the same hotel grounds. Despite being located inside the Suites del Lago hotel, Foc Eco Brasserie is open to the public, with prior reservation. And it offers a restaurant menu at night, as well as a wide selection of breakfast products, among which cold meats stand out.