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Godai Menorca

Godai is the first and only restaurant in the world that fuses Menorcan cuisine with Japanese, in a special symbiosis that comes from the hand of the chef, recognized with a Michelin star, Julián Mármol. Mármol himself defines Godai's cuisine as "a cuisine with fusion, without confusion based on how I see sushi and interpret it, always respecting the main product and adding something to it that balances, compensates or improves it, but does not mask it." In this way, the practices of oriental cuisine sneak into a Menorcan establishment, a territory that takes advantage of the quality of the fresh product, especially fish. Godai's proposal is specified in the Minourka tasting menu, in which the product stands out as a work of art. It is also possible to enjoy the Lounge version of Godai, where you can relax while sipping Japanese-Menorcan signature cocktails.