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Menorca Preservation

Menorca Preservation is a non-profit organisation born with the aim of catalysing and supporting local environmental projects, whilst identifying local heroes on the island, who seek to create environmental change and raise awareness in our society. The main objective of Menorca Preservation is to promote local economic self-sufficiency and develop sustainable methods of conservation and consumption.

To achieve this goal, Menorca Preservation raises funds locally and internationally from those with a strong connection and love for Menorca, to strengthen our main pillars of work: Land, Sea and Energy, with the aim of achieving long-lasting environmental change.

Staying within these three pillars, we strive to support and develop projects ranging from local produce diversification to freshwater management, marine conservation research on our coastline and renewable energy innovation.

In addition, we look to support projects that contribute to one of these areas that we believe are essential: education, conservation and research.

Education: We strongly believe that education is where we achieve real change.

Conservation: MeP works very closely with local entities, with the aim of supporting, valuing and strengthening their work, to ensure that we are encourage those organisations that we believe can have the most significant impact at a local level and that are the ones who truly know the context, the issues and the solutions.

Research: We support a number of local organisations and teams carrying out biological research studies in Menorca, as we believe that having scientific backing is essential in attaining tangible changes in environmental policy and for promoting future projects in the most beneficial direction for the island.

Menorca Preservation firmly believes that supporting local initiatives will have a significant positive impact and will help to bring about the lasting change that Menorca needs if it is to preserve its precious environment and biodiversity.

To find out more about our projects and initiatives you can visit us at