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5 Secret places on the island that you probably do not know

Menorca is a spectacular place, we are not telling anything new. Moreover, if you are looking for the definition of paradise, Menorca will probably appear among its synonyms. And if it is not, we should make a formal proposal to the RAE; You just have to see its white sand beaches, the vegetation that surrounds it and the turquoise waters. We are known as the ‘island of calm’, however, in August, it is difficult to find a haven of peace to relax and take the odd dip.


Don't worry, we are here to give you a solution. We present you 5 secret places that you probably do not know or find in other guides. Download the app and save them well. There they go:


Cala Mongofre 

One of the most isolated and paradisiacal coves in Menorca. But you ask yourself, isolated and paradisiac? How is it possible? The reason is that you have to walk a long time to get there. The section is easily accessible, but we are honest, you must walk. Worth? Yes! Sure? And so safe! Surrounded by vegetation, with reddish sand and transparent water ... How could it not be worth it? If you want to enjoy the essence of Menorca, this is your cove. We advise you to protect yourself well, as the sun is pressing in this month. Take a hat and water to hydrate yourself. And if you will allow us one last piece of advice, don't look at your watch while you're on your way, or wonder how much time is left. Just enjoy. You are in a paradise.

Cap d’en Font 

Not a fan of the beach? If so, we recommend Cap d'en Font. A small urbanization located in the south of Menorca with access to several platforms at the sea level. Here you will always find a space to spread the towel and enjoy that privacy that you long for. In addition, it is a perfect place to practice snorkeling. A luxury in the month of August, don't you think?

Cala en Vidrier 

Have you been to Cadaques? Maybe not, but surely the song L’Empordà de Sopa de Cabra sounds to you: “Nascut entreBlanes i Cadaqués, molt tocat per la Tramuntana…” Well, Cala en Vidrier reminds us of this fishing village on the Catalan coast. It is a small cove that extends to the end of the Es Grau beach. A wild corner that is accessed by crossing the beach and walking along a part of the Camí de Cavalls. It takes about 10-15 minutes to get there, but it's well worth it. Once there you find calm and incredible views of the town of Es Grau.

Sa Piscina - Sa Mesquida

Sa Mesquida is a small fishing village that is 10 minutes by car from the capital (Mahón). It is likely that you have found information on ‘Playa Mesquida’, but that is not where we want to go, but a secret corner that we will now talk about and that few locals know about. We explain how to get there. Once you drive down the slope that gives access to Sa Mesquida, park it. You will see that there is a bridge, cross it. Next you will find several houses. Pass in front of these. Say hello to the residents, they are usually very nice people. You will hit a small mountain with stone stairs. Upload them and flip this little mountain. ¡Vualá! You will have reached ‘Sa Piscina’, a natural corner that you probably did not know and that no tourist had heard of.

Cala Sant Esteve 

Cala Sant Esteve can be defined as the whim of some god. A place that few people know and that leaves you with your mouth open when you arrive. Formed from an arm of the sea about 600 meters long and that decreases as you go deeper. In the cove there are several piers to take a bath and sunbathe. What are many people in one? You can go to another. There are several to discover.

Have you already listed all these sites in the app? Sure you do. They are one of the best options to enjoy Menorca in the middle of August. We have already been to all of them, now it's your turn.