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How to get around Menorca?

Be interested, passionate, buy and plan. This is one of the processes that any of us go through when we decide to go on a trip. Be interested in a destination, become passionate about the place you want to visit, buy tickets, reserve the place where you are going to sleep, and plan the trip. Are we skipping any other process? Yes probably. But we are also sure that this is the one that sustains the base of anyone who has decided to go to know and explore some corner of the world.

Why are we telling you all this? Because if you come to Menorca, you must add another step to this process. The one on how to get around the island. We will try to be brief and concise in this regard, because what we want is for you to know which is the best option. Yes? Ahead!



It is without a doubt the best option. I would recommend everything from Menorca if you come to visit us. If you don't believe it, take the test. We are sure that 90% of the residents or that a friend of yours who has already visited the island will tell you that renting a car is the best option. And if he says no, he doesn't like you very much. If you want to enjoy Menorca in its fullness, know the most remote and beautiful places, without depending on anyone, a car is the best.

This option will give you the possibility to go to beaches that you can only access by car. Public transportation is fine, but it has its limitations. Keep in mind that it only connects with the main towns and the most touristy beaches. In addition, the frequency is low. Depending on which beaches and other areas, you will have to wait up to 1 hour for the bus to pass. So if you are on the beach, you should have the watch handy if you want to return at the time you had planned. Waiting at a stop in full sun is not what you want the most.

Another advantage of renting a car is that you can go for lunch and dinner wherever and whenever you want. On the island there are a lot of restaurants and bars that have become very fashionable, and not all of them will be close to your accommodation. Also, think that there is no night service on public transport. It is not like in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​New York or the big cities, which depending on which days it is active 24 hours a day. However, we want to make a point and say that our intention is not to detract from the great service offered by public transport in Menorca, as it is very useful for all people who need it. We are simply making use of a comparison so that you are aware of reality and what you can find based on your travel needs.

The next step after having decided that you will move by car through Menorca, would be to search in Google: ‘car rental in Menorca’, right? But we already tell you that the best option is through Ownerscars. It is the leading car company in Menorca. There are many competitive advantages it has. One of them is that they have the fastest shuttles due to the proximity to their headquarters and the airport. They have 15 car rental offices spread across the island. They also offer a service that other companies do not have, and that is that they make car deliveries in hotels and villas in Menorca, as well as in the port of Mahón and the port of Ciudadela. In short, it is the company with the largest fleet of cars in Menorca at a very competitive price. You can have the latest ranges of vehicles, even a cheaper car, if all you need is to move. Of course, all its cars are new, to offer great comfort to all its customers.



Public transportation is another option. But is it the best option? It depends. About what? The type of tourism that you are going to do. If you want to enjoy the different coves and beaches of the island, explore and travel the coast, or move from one place to another to visit the different points of interest, public transport may not be the best option. We have already told you that for this type of plan, it is best to rent a car. However, if what you are looking for is not to move much of the area where you are, since you will spend most of your time in the hotel, or simply enjoy its closest surroundings, then the best option is public transport. Menorca is very well connected throughout most of the year. It has more than 40 bus lines to reach almost all the municipalities and main urban centers easily, quickly and at a good price. In addition, the lines have been expanded to access the most popular beaches in the territory.

The prices of their service are based on the distance traveled. The most expensive ticket is the Mahón - Ciudadela (€ 5.40) as the distance between the two points is 40 km. If you have made the decision to move by public transport, it is best to get some multi-trip cards. It will be more profitable for you. There are 10 (€ 35.30), 21 (€ 55.95) and 40 (€ 100.85) trips.

We can tell you little more about this option. Well, maybe yes. If you really know that your option will be to move with public transport, make sure that where you stay, there is a stop nearby. Otherwise, you will have to go by taxi to the stop and then take the transport.



Renting a motorcycle is another of the real options that exist to explore the island. There are many reasons. The first, almost always allows you to park wherever you want, something that does not happen with the car. The most popular beaches and coves in Menorca are usually crowded and access to parking is limited if you go by car. So you can leave it practically anywhere without worrying about being denied access before. Honestly, it is a good option if you are going on a trip with your partner or a friend. The second is that it is an economical means of transport that will allow you greater freedom in your travels. On the contrary, we must also tell you that although the distances between the different points of the island are not very long, riding a motorcycle will mean a longer trip in terms of time. The speed that a car can acquire is not the same as a rental motorcycle. So take it easy.


Getting around by taxi is an option. In our opinion, it should not be a frequent option, but it is a punctual one, since honestly, the prices of their service are not the cheapest. The rates are set by law, and are 1.04 euros per km traveled (€ 1.26 at night and on holidays), to which we must add possible extras such as radio call (€ 1.18) or the airport tax (€ 2.68). So when should you take a taxi? If you do not have a car, motorcycle, or do not want to take public transport, you have no other option, but prepare your wallet if you want to visit the different parts of the island, it will not be cheap. In addition, due to the large crowds of visitors that occur in the summer months, there may not always be availability. It is possible that depending on what days and times, the service will be saturated. Which can lead to you not arriving at your destination on time. You must take the taxi service at specific times. For example, if you go out and want to enjoy the night, this service is an excellent option. Remember, behind the wheel, 0 alcohol. If one day you don't feel like taking a car and want to go to a nearby point on the island, it is also recommended, why not. But we reiterate, it should not be the usual if you come to enjoy Menorca for a week. Here we leave you the Radio Taxi telephone number in case you need it on any occasion.



In maritime transport? As you read it. If you are a lover of the sea and boats, consider this option. The Menorcan coast is amazing. Being able to enjoy a week sailing through the Mediterranean waters is the dream of many. You can go to coves that are practically inaccessible or enjoy the privacy that allows you to have a boat. For this to become a reality, you need to first contact a company dedicated to boat rental. You'll find quite a few, and all services range in similar price. This yes, speaking of prices, this adventure is usually expensive. How much are we talking about? The prices obviously vary depending on the type of boat, the size and the number of days you want to enjoy it. But to put a standard price, the rent of a boat for a week, would be around ten thousand euros at least, expenses in extra services (skipper, gasoline, deposits) apart. Worth? The experience will be unique. A trip that you probably won't forget and that you will want to tell your friends about. What you should assess is if it is economically viable, and if it is the type of trip you really want.


These are the options you have to move around Menorca and tour the island. Hopefully we have been of help to you. For that we are. On the other hand, if you are planning your trip and need more information about the island, here are these tips:



Last but not least, download our app ‘Menorca Explorer’ and start investigating.