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In Menorca, is the north or the south better?

They say that beauties cannot be comparable, that each object, person or being has different features that make up an incomparable beauty. This happens with Menorca, we cannot compare the beauty of its different areas and territories, since each one offers a different beauty. In today's tip we will talk about North Menorca and South Menorca. What does each one offer? And most importantly, which one will you keep? Hopefully after reading the article, with both.


First of all, we are going to put you in the situation. Menorca has a total of 216 km of coastline. You can already imagine the thousands of places you can visit. You will probably need a summer to access each of them, we assure you that you would not get bored, and that you would enjoy them one by one. All these places play with emerald tones, wild colors that strike the eye and spirit. How poetic we are. But the choice of going to one part or another (north or south) will depend on your mood and especially on the wind. The wind in Menorca is to write another of our tips, but this later. We were talking about knowing if the north or the south is more beautiful. Then talk.


El sur de Menorca

The south coast of Menorca is the most popular with visitors. The most desired? Can be. But why? The south of the island represents the fine white sand, turquoise and crystalline waters. The ideal of a paradise that many want to find when they want to enjoy their holidays in Menorca. In short, you don't have to go to the idyllic Caribbean to enjoy something similar in our country. Calcareous cliffs, dunes and Mediterranean forests surround these environments of great natural value. Yes friends, a real sight to behold. Dream beaches with waters that look like natural pools. What has been a postcard landscape. Do you want to know What are the best beaches in the south? At MenorcaExplorer we want you to know everything. So here you go.


El norte de Menorca 

The sisters of the north have a hypnotic, wild beauty. A reddish character surrounded by a blue-green sea. They have a unique geology. Rock formations of slate and red clays form its sandy areas in the northernmost part of the island. Its geology of more than 400 million years makes it a unique area, with a high personality. But, why has it been for a long time, ‘the second-best’ among tourists and visitors? Well, simply due to the fact that its landscape is not idealized together with the idea of dreamy beaches and coves. What nonsense! The north of Menorca also represents the very essence of the island. Moreover, it has been a source of inspiration for many poets and artists in the creation of their works. Who doesn't want to go to coves that are a source of inspiration? Anyway...


Ultimately, we could compare the beauty of both, but it would be a mistake on our part. Beauty is unique to each of the areas, and depending on your interests, tastes and priorities, you will choose one before the other. MenorcaExplorer recommends you visit both. Do not prejudge or dismiss anything before you know it. Menorca has hidden corners that must be discovered and appreciated for yourself. Now, you, which one do you prefer? North or South? If you want to discover Menorca, you may also be interested in these tips: