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Menorca as a couple

We have never been a mass territory. We are of another 'mood', of another way of doing things. To take care of what is ours and make it unique even if it already is. We are also more preserved, why not say so? We love our way of being. We could float away from our sister islands and we wouldn't miss them. We have a somewhat independent and unique character. You will know us, that's why you are reading this article, right?

We strongly defend our beaches and coves, both those in the south and the north coast, but also what makes up and builds our economy and biodiversity. The agricultural world, the fishing tradition, the crafts, the culture and the local product. We love our quiet winters and our most festive summers in the same way. Menorca, as you can see, is part of a duality, and today we are here to talk about duality, about couples.

In today's article we will talk about the best plans to do in Menorca if you go with your better half, with your partner in crime, with your crush, with your future future project, or whatever you want to call it. Today you will discover in this article, what to do in Menorca if you go as a couple.

Sunset in cavalleria

First note: Let's hope you have already downloaded MenorcaExplorer, the Menorca app to know everything. Everything? Yes, exactly everything. Explore, know and discover every corner of the island. You already have it? So let's move on.

Are you in the process of falling in love? At the most furtive (lovingly speaking) moment of your relationship? Have you been dating for years? It is not that we are gossips, it is to tell you that the Cavallería lighthouse is suitable for any sentimental situation. There is something about this place that captivates anyone who visits it. Will its cliffs be more than 50 meters high? Have the Mediterranean Sea at your feet? A lighthouse of more than 20 meters that stands in the northernmost part of the island? We do not know, but surely the shots are around here. But let's not beat around the bush anymore. The sunset at the Cavalleria lighthouse is quite a sight. Live the experience and prepare to receive endless responses when you share this moment on your social media channel.


Illa d’en Colom 

Coveted island where they exist. No, we are not talking about Menorca, because believe it or not, this Balearic island has more islands around it. Sculpted by the winds and the sea, the Isla d'en Colom, in Es Grau, is an area of high emotional interest (that's how we like to define it). There are many who yearn to visit it and anchor with their boats around it. But if that doesn't suit you, you can also go in a watertaxi or kayak. Some brave ones even go Paddle Surf. To go kayaking you must do it from Es Grau. It takes about 20 minutes to reach the first beach: Cala Tamarells, but we advise you not to stop there. Yes, it is very beautiful, but our favorite is the one that comes next: Arenal d'en Moro. A visual spectacle. In this sandy area you can leave the kayak, without disturbing others, and enjoy a paradise with your partner.


Love can also manifest itself in the depths. We are telling you because there will be no better way to discover it than in the waters of Menorca. Snorkeling here is quite a show. People often choose to travel to Asian paradises such as Thailand or the Philippines to put on the mask and dive, but we assure you, with all due respect, that we have nothing to envy them. Menorca is considered one of the best tourist destinations for snorkeling. Biosphere Reserve, crystal clear waters ... remember? Write down these places in the guide:

  • Isla de Bledas (near of cala Pregonda) 
  • Ses Olles 
  • Cap d’en Font 
  • Cala Morell
  • Playitas de Binimetlà 

Ses Pedreres de s'Hostal, Lithica

If they let you go there without knowing what city you are in, we are sure you would say another part of the world that not Menorca. Athens maybe? Rome? Few would think that this prodigious setting is found on our island. However, Menorca is also stone. Kilometers and kilometers of 'dry paret' (we'll talk about it in another article). Limestone is part of our identity. It was used for many years to build and erect the houses that today stain white. This stone is known as marés; Like virtually any natural resource, it has an end if it is overexploited. Why are we telling you all this? Well, so that you understand the origin of this wonderful place. In 1994, in order not to put an end to this precious material, a group of Menorca residents decided to create the Lithica Cultural Society with the aim of preventing the disappearance of this cobbled paradise. The Quarry was cleaned and enabled so that today it is one of the points of maximum interest for residents and tourists. Going through it hand in hand with your partner is a plan that you cannot miss.

Mirador de Cala Galdana - Sa Punta

Have you ever felt the need to find that perfect place to shout 'I am the king of the worldooo'? Or simply, and even if you don't like it, posturing on social networks for the beauty that the landscape offers? Rising to the top and looking like you touch the sky with your fingertips? In Menorca there are many places to feel like this. One of them is the Mirador de Cala Galdana. Look at the image again, amazing. We do not know exactly why but it is usually a viewpoint where many couples go. Maybe love spreads there like it doesn't anywhere else, who knows. From above you will see panoramic views of Cala Galdana. The climb can be somewhat long, however, we recommend that when you are there, take some time, rest and calmly contemplate what the view offers you.

As you have seen, Menorca is pure love. From here you will leave more in love than you can already be. Or rather, you will leave with another love: yours towards our land. We do not know when we will be able to see each other again, but we will wait for you with the same enthusiasm as the first time. Here are other tips that may interest you: