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Menorca en 5 días - Itinerario

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Menorca European Region of Gastronomy 2022

Presented and appreciated, our island has thousands of reasons to be visited. We have only listed three for you here, but if we continued, the list would be practically endless. You just need to type 'Menorca' in Google and click on images to understand why you should add our island to your 'next trips' list. If you are not convinced, ask a friend, acquaintance or relative who has visited us, how about their journey through Menorca. We are sure that they will make a wish, followed by some moving expression: ‘Brutal’, ‘Awesome’, ‘Magical’, ‘I would return right now’ ... Fortunately we already know how privileged we are to have this paradise, but not you. We tell you with affection. If you are here, it is to plan your trip and discover for yourself everything that we are telling you. So let's get to it. Here we leave you a detailed itinerary of what you can do in five days in Menorca.

Day 1: Coves of the southeast and Mahón 

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10:00 h - Es Caló Blanc 

Years ago it was a practically unknown corner. But the Internet and the massive access to information, together with the appearance of social networks, made 'Es Caló Blanc' become excessively popular. A small rocky cove, with turquoise and clear waters that will amaze you.

12:00 h - Ses Olles 

Another of the most prestigious coves in the southeast of the island. It is once again a rocky cove, but unlike ‘Es Caló Blanc’ it has several platforms where you can put down your towel and stretch out. One of the best places for snorkeling.

14:00 h - Binibequer Vell

The most instagrammable town in Menorca. This fishing village dresses completely in white to amaze everyone who visits it. Get lost in its alleys and be amazed at its wonderful area. Take the opportunity to eat at one of its restaurants that you will find at its entrance.

16:00 h - Cap d’en Font  

Cap d'en Font is similar to the other coves that you visited in the morning. But we do not say it as something pejorative, but on the contrary. Being able to enjoy each of them is a privilege. All of them have their charm. This in particular is a cove with many platforms, which has direct access to the sea so you can enjoy a dip.


20:00 h - Mahón

You have probably already set foot in the municipality of Mahón. Whether by sea or by air, the capital of Menorca is usually the welcome mat for all visitors to the island. Mahón is majestic, amazing, unprecedented and sparkling. Strolling through the center is one of the things you must do on your visit. Here we leave you everything that you must also visit in the capital and you cannot find in other blogs and travel magazines for you to visit.

21:30 h - Port of Mahón 

Imposing, magical and immense. Because although for many it is indescribable, we like to describe it that way. The port of Mahón is the door through which cultures as diverse as Arab, English and French have left their mark on Menorca. An incredible place to take a walk and enjoy the island's gastronomy in the many restaurants that you will find on the seafront.


Day 2: North coves and Fornells


10:00 h - Cala Pregonda 

Protagonist of the historic and popular Estrella Damm commercial - Mediterráneamente (2010). Cover of one of Mike Oldfield's hit records. For many, the best cove in the north of Menorca. We recommend you go early, because in the height of summer, it is usually quite crowded.


19:30 h - Cavalleria Lighthouse (Sunset)

After enjoying Cala Pregonda, take the car and head to the Cavalleria area. You are going to see one of the best sunsets you have probably ever seen. Try to go at the time we indicate, as access to the parking lot is usually limited.

21:00 h - Fornells 

It is one of the largest refuges in Menorca. The bay that makes its way into the north coast of the island. Fornells is next to Binibequer Vell one of the best fishing villages on the island. Walking and eating there is a joy. If you go, make a reservation at one of its restaurants to taste the lobster stew, the most typical dish on the island.


Día 3: Cala Macarella and Ciudadela


09:00 h - Cala Macarella - Cala Macarelleta

The pretty girls of Menorca. The most precious coves, the most popular. Recognized as one of the best beaches in Europe and the world. Cala Macarella and Cala Macarelleta are two of the coves that you must go to yes or yes. We must inform you that in summer you cannot access by car. You can do it by public transport or walking along the Camí de Cavalls from Cala Galdana. Go early, their access is limited. If you are late you may not find a place.


19:30 h - Punta Nati Light

After enjoying the two coves, go to the Punta Nati Lighthouse. It's about a 5-10 minute drive from Ciudadela. Watching the sun go down from the lighthouse is amazing. Poetry for your eyes.

21:00 h - Ciudadela 

The epicenter of a town that feels like a city. Citadel outshines you for its beauty. It has a unique, regal, ecclesiastical, traditional character. Strolling through this area at night is a method to continue your process of falling in love with the island.

22:00 h - Port of Ciudadela 

The port of Ciudadela cannot be compared to the size of the port of Mahón, true. But it can be bought in elegance. Going down the city, you will find this genuine port, ideal to enjoy a dinner by the sea and in the light of the moon.


Day 4: Cavalleria Beach and Es Mercadal


10:00 h - Cavalleria Beach 

Cavalleria beach, located in the north of the island, is special. Because is special? We could not give you an explanation. It is and that's it. You will probably discover it in the first person. For sure YES. Reddish sand, clear waters, and a landscape that captivates you from the first minute you see it.


19:30 h Monte Toro

After spending the day in Cavalleria, you will head to Mercadal. You will drive up to the highest mountain on the island. Don't expect Teide, far from it. It is a mountain approximately 350 meters high. But from there you get a panoramic view of the island that is amazing.

20:30h - Es Mercadal 

Get off by car and park in the center of Mercadal. On Thursday afternoons in summer, a food and artisan market is held there. You will be able to enjoy the gastronomy and typical products of the island, as well as being able to buy some object from our Menorcan artisans. In case it is not Thursday, you can also enjoy the area, and the splendid restaurants in the center of town.


Day 5: Cala Mitjana and shopping


10:00 h - Cala Mitjana / Cala Mitjaneta

It could not be missed. Cala Mitjana and Cala Mitjaneta are two of the best coves in Menorca. Here, unlike Cala Macarella, you can access by car. But go early as it tends to fill up fast. When parking you will have to walk approximately 10 minutes until you reach Cala Mitjana. You can also go to Cala Mitjaneta on foot, but it is a beach with very little surface to leave the towel and spend the day there. We recommend you go swimming from Mitjana.


18:00 h - Shopping

Everything good ends. But you can always take a souvenir with you. Menorca will already be in a little piece of your heart, that's for sure. But you can also take a souvenir, or what is better, a typical Menorcan product such as ensaimada, cheese, sobrasada or Menorca honey. So take advantage of the last afternoon to take a walk around the area where you are staying and buy some other detail for your family and friends.

Hopefully this itinerary has served you well. We have tried to be concise and precise. We have given you practically everything done. Now you just have to enjoy it.

Here are other tips that may be of use to you if you travel to Menorca: