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Menorca in a weekend - Itinerary

‘What to do in Menorca’. ‘Plans in Menorca for a weekend’. ‘Menorca in two days.’ Stop typing in google to find out the best plans in Menorca. Here is the article you want to find. We will tell you what to do and when. We serve it all on a tray so you just have to enjoy it. Our first advice is that to discover everything about the island and not miss absolutely anything, download the MenorcaExplorer app. Ready? Now take note of this itinerary to enjoy Menorca in a weekend.


Friday (1st day)

Hopefully your arrival is early. So you will have all day to enjoy a thousand plans and take the first dips in those coves that you have seen so many times on Instagram. Otherwise, if you arrive in the afternoon, you have two options. You give up your morning plans, or on the contrary, you reduce the time in each of the sites to be able to visit everything. But let's not confuse any more, here we tell you our proposal:

Friday morning and noon

After having a coffee, picking up your rental car, checking in at the hotel and unpacking your travel bag, give yourself a break. Then, when you are a little relaxed, head towards the southeast of the island. You will spend the morning and noon enjoying some of the best coves in this area.


  • Binidalí

A virgin cove with turquoise waters and white sand. Menorca in its purest form. To get to the beach you must park your car in the parking lot just above it. Take a photo in front of the only bar you'll find in the area. A classic photographing yourself with that landscape in the background. Then, go down the access to the cove (about 5 minutes walk), and once there, bathe, snorkel, sunbathe, and enjoy. You are in paradise!


  • Binisafuller

After the first stop, the next one will be Binisafuller. Don't worry, it's close. Almost everything in Menorca is close. This cove is characterized by its small dimensions, its low influx of tourists and its beauty. You will see that it is a very familiar beach, but if you want a little more privacy, the area has piers and areas around it so that you can enjoy this incredible place alone or in company.


  • Binibequer Nou

After the second bath, we will go to Binibequer Nou. This beach has always reminded us of one of Punta Cana. We don't know why, but it is. Perhaps it is because of the beach bar that is right on its coast. You will tell us if you too. Of this beach, it is worth highlighting its marine conditions, which make it an excellent area for diving.


  • Binibequer Vell

After Binibequer Nou, I think it will be good bathing, don't you think? Now you will visit one of the most instagrammable places on the island, Binibequer Vell. A small fishing village dressed in white. A spectacular place to get lost in its alleys and fill your feed on Instagram. In high season there are usually a lot of people, what's more, you may find a famous person out there, because their visit is practically a must. At the entrance to the town, you will see that there are some restaurants. So stop at one of them and taste the most typical dishes of the island.


Friday afternoon

After having eaten, you have the option of going to the place where you are staying to rest for a while, or to continue with the adventure. We will tell you to continue. You are on vacation and there are many things to do and see. You will sleep when you return.


  • Es Caló Blanc

If you are still in the mood to visit the island's spectacular coves, you will go to Es Caló Blanc. A small rocky cove with waters that are quite a spectacle. An area that has become quite popular in recent years, and it will surely surprise you. Ideal for putting on your goggles and diving.


  • Sunset in Ses Olles

When sunset comes, with the salt still on your skin, take the car and head towards Ses Olles. It is another cove very close to Es Caló Blanc, which will allow you to enjoy a unique sunset. The Mediterranean at your feet as the sun fades. The best way to say goodbye to a dreamy first day.

Friday night


  • Cales Fonts

The day has ended. But friends ... the night is coming! After grooming, you will head towards Cales Fonts. A small bay located in the town of Es Castell. This is where you will dine, and if the body holds, you will have a drink. We advise you to book in advance at one of the restaurants in the area. In summer, it is usually crowded, and getting a table is often a difficult task.


Saturday (2nd day)

Saturday arrives. Are you still hallucinating with the coves and the sites you have seen? Well wait, another spectacular day is coming. Let us begin.

Saturday morning and noon

Get up early, yeah, early. We already know that you are on vacation and it is not what you want the most, but if you want to go to the places that we will recommend below, you should do it. Take the car and head towards the main road to go to the other end of the island, Ciudadela. You will spend the day on the most popular beaches, and for many, the top ones in Menorca.


  • Cala'n Turqueta

It is one of the most visited beaches on the island, so the influx of bathers is high. You can park your vehicle in the free car park located about 15 minutes walk from the beach. But beware, parking is limited, and once full, entry of more is prohibited. Do you understand now why you should get up early? But is it worth it? Yes, and so much. It is a unique, unspoiled and isolated beach surrounded by greenery. A typical landscape of the southern coast of Menorca.


  • Cala Macarella

Cala Macarelleta is the cove par excellence in Menorca. Probably the most beautiful of all and the most popular. Thousands of tourists visit the island to access this secluded place in Ciudadela. But it is not only one of the most beautiful in Menorca. There are many magazines that have labeled this beach as one of the most beautiful in Europe. Little more to add. We only wish you luck so that you can access it. Our advice to get there is that you do it well by public transport from Ciudadela, because for years, access to private vehicles has been prohibited, or access on foot from Cala Galdana through the Camí de Cavalls. For us, the most viable option.


Saturday afternoon

Now everything will seem little to you, because these last two coves are two of the favorites for tourists. But we have to tell you no, that you still have a lot to see and what to be surprised about.


  • Punta Nati

Did you like the sunset in ‘Ses Olles’? Well, take note of this place: El Faro de Punta Nati. Located at the end of Ciudadela, it is one of the places chosen for lovers of sunsets. You will observe it from some cliffs of about 50 meters, so be careful, falling in love with this place can be something normal.

Saturday night

At night, you will visit Ciudadela, a stately city, which retains its noble, traditional and regal character. Its Mediterranean essence stands out, as well as the history of its cobbled streets and facades. Visit the port of the city, and dine in one of its restaurants. The ideal way to end a day ... perfect?


Sunday (3rd day)

Third day. Don't worry, you still have a lot to do in these last 24 hours. So let's go there:

Sunday morning and noon

We will go to the best cove in the north of the island. Cover of one of Mike Oldfield's hit albums and star of one of the most legendary commercials of the last decades. Do you know which beach we are talking about?


  • Cala Pregonda

Without a doubt the best cove in the north. An almost virgin beach with reddish sand that contrasts with its transparent waters. Do you know that there is a house right on the beach? Yes, a white house, which according to rumors, is owned by the owner of Coca-Cola. It is no wonder that he fell in love with the place and decided to spend his best days near paradise. We would too. On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that to get to the cove, you must park the vehicle in the Binimetlà car park. Once there, the first beach you will come across will be this, Binimetlà. But to get to Pregonda you must take the path to the left and walk about 20 minutes.

Saturday afternoon

After enjoying the northern waters, when the afternoon arrives, take the vehicle again to go see one of the seven lighthouses that protect the Menorcan coast.


  • Cavallería Lighthouse

The impression that it gives from the arrival by land is colossal. A lighthouse located almost a hundred meters high from the cliff that raises it. This lighthouse has become the ideal place to go to see the sunset. Hundreds of tourists travel to this place every day to watch the sunset. You will even see that sometimes, musicians and artists decide to go there for inspiration. It is quite a show.

Night: Fornells

After this spectacle of nature, head to one of the areas where life bustles. The port of Fornells. An area that for decades has become the busiest in Menorca. The combination of magic and history makes it an idyllic town. Dining there the famous dish of 'Caldereta de Langosta' is a classic. Now, as in the port of Cales Fonts, you must book days in advance if you want to get a table.


Monday (3rd day):

Too bad, all good things come to an end. But let's hope that this itinerary has been of great help to you to venture on this beautiful trip to Menorca. On this last day, we understand that there is little you can do and that you will be thinking more about the return than planning the odd plan. So depending on the area where you are, we recommend that you take a tour of the place, and if you have the option of buying a souvenir or typical products of the island, such as cheeses, ensaimadas, or sobrasada, you do it. When you are at home, you will remember through your palate, the flavor of this island that will surely make you fall in love.

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