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Menorca with friends

‘Quema la ropa de invierno y prepárate para viajar

Que la tierra prometida está más cerca de lo que puedas pensar

California ya no existe, el sueño acabó

Pero yo sé de un lugar donde brilla el sol

Déjame llevarte este verano donde está la acción’


This song has been on the hit list for over twenty summers now. How can it not be? It is a classic. The rebels taught us that paradise is closer than you might think. The Mediterranean and Menorca specifically, is a magical island where one enjoys the summer as it deserves. So you are already writing in the WhatsApp group of your friends, that next summer you are going to Menorca yes or yes.

Menorca may not be the hedonistic island that Ibiza is, nor may it be as mainstream as Mallorca is. But a wise man did not say once, Is virtue in the middle? Well, right there we are. Menorca is also dynamic, although on a smaller scale. We have our wild point; We do not have the territorial dimension of Mallorca, but if you think about it, better. You can explore with your friends all the corners and areas of Menorca without leaving anything behind. You won't walk away saying, "Aish, what a shame you didn't see this." You will have time for everything. But let's not confuse any more, we are going to tell you everything you can do in Menorca with your friends.

Rent a car

Sorry, we forgot. First of all, the first thing you have to do is download our app: MenorcaExplorer, the definitive guide to Menorca. Here you will find it all. Absolutely everything. From the best beaches, to where to do the best excursions, trendy bars and restaurants, etc. So open Google Play or App Store and download it now.

Before traveling to Menorca, you must choose how you will move. Here we have a brilliant tip for it. But to sum it up, the best option if you go with friends is to rent a car. With what company? We also know it. Here we know practically everything. The best option is AutosMenorca. The number of car rental companies on the island. They have several ranges that fit your budget and needs. Are you more than five friends who come to Menorca? Do not worry. AutosMenorca also has a car offer with more than five seats; The advantages of renting a car is that you will have the freedom to move where you want and when you want. Do you want to go for a walk at two in the morning? You can! Do you want to go from cove to cove and shoot because it's my turn? You can! We only ask you one thing. Streamline travel. Menorca is an island where fortunately you can get around without necessarily having to take a car. It is not a big city. No need to take a car for everything. Remember that CO2 emissions in recent years have risen considerably, and we are already witnessing the consequences of climate change. Also, we are a quiet island. So behind the wheel, calm down. You will not arrive earlier by running more. This we already assure you.

Boat excursion - Private boat

The sea of ​​Menorca, the coast, your friends and little else. You need little more to enjoy a spectacular day. The best option is to enjoy, if your pocket allows it, a private boat. Although there are different prices, as they vary depending on the type of boat and the number of people you are, they usually have a high price. We conclude as a high price a minimum of 50 euros per person per day. Then you have to count the pattern service, plus the cost of gasoline. It is not the same to move through the nearby coves of the place where you have rented the boat, to want to visit a large part of the island. The latter will be more expensive. But putting money aside, it is an experience that you have to live. Touring the coast and stopping at some of the best coves on the island is priceless. Snorkel in those waters, and then enjoy the sun lying in a boat, while you feel the salt on your skin, that is blessed glory, we already tell you. So check it out with your friends, and make up your mind. But come on, few arguments need to be given more to know that it is an activity that should not be missing on your list of things to do in Menorca.

Cova d’en Xoroi 

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed practically everything. Although we are already closer to the new reality, we all know that nothing will ever be the same again. We say it because if you want to enjoy a good party in Menorca, one of the best options is to go to the Cova d'en Xoroi. But we still do not know what the reality will be in the next season, nor the health protocols that the Ministry will require. Hopefully this pandemic will be totally eradicated and we can enjoy summer nightlife as before. Because we already told you that going to the Cova d'en Xoroi at night is amazing. It takes your breath away just down the stairs. Imagine, a nightclub on top of a cliff, with panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea. I think there is no place like it in the world. So leave a hole in the suitcase to put your best outfit.

Port of Ciudadela - Night

Ciudadela is one of those cities that you must visit alone, as a couple, with friends or family. There you will find the best atmosphere on the island. Ciudadela is tradition, it is beauty, it has a stoic, traditional and regal character. If you get lost in its cobbled streets, you will be able to discover the magic that this city gives off. Our advice is that during the day, enjoy a cove near Ciudadela, such as Cala Macarella or Cala Turqueta. When you can no longer have sun, sand and sea (although we doubt that one gets tired of being in a paradise) you can go to dinner in Ciudadela and have the odd drink in the bars around the port. Who says no to this plan?

Kayak activity

If you want to discover the best corners of our coastline, you have to get wet. It is not a cliché, it is a reality. Menorca has corners with difficult access. It seems that some god did it on purpose so that only a few privileged people would have the merit of observing and enjoying some areas of our island. That is what we think, but the reality is that there are some coves that are only accessible by sea, or hardly on foot. So if you want to be one of those privileged few who want to enjoy them, one of the best options is to go kayaking. Tell your friends, ‘hey, how about one day we rent or go kayaking?’ We’re sure they’ll say yes. You will discover amazing coves and you will also have a great time. Laughter and fun are guaranteed. Some of the best routes to do kayaking are:

  • Es Grau - Illa d’en Colom 
  • Cala Torret - Playa Binisafuller 
  • Cala’n Porter - Calas Coves 
  • Cala Viola - Cala Pregonda 

Menorca festivals

Horses in a square and ointment. We are sure that you have heard or seen it somewhere. If so, you will have done it very briefly. The festivals of Menorca are much more than this. More than a few town festivals, they are an authentic feeling on the part of Menorcans. We look forward to the whole year to celebrate these holidays. Some parties that are celebrated in each of the towns, almost every weekend throughout the summer. So if the Covid-19 allows us, since they have not been celebrated in the last two years, in the summer of 2022 we will be able to enjoy the Menorca festivities again, and believe us when we tell you, that we will take them with great enthusiasm and Energy. If you come with friends, it is a perfect plan. Here are the dates for you to start organizing:

  • Sant Joan de Ciutadella: June 23 and 24, in addition to the previous Sunday (diades Be).
  • Sant Martí de Es Mercadal: third weekend in July.
  • Sant Antoni de Fornells: fourth weekend in July.
  • Sant Jaume de Es Castell: July 24 and 25.
  • Sant Cristòfol de Es Migjorn Gran: fifth weekend of July or first of August.
  • Sant Gaietà de Llucmaçanes: first weekend in August.
  • Sant Llorenç de Alaior: weekend after August 10.
  • Sant Climent de Sant Climent: third weekend of August.
  • Sant Bartomeu de Ferreries: August 23 and 24.
  • Sant Lluís de Sant Lluís: 4th weekend of August.
  • Mare de Déu de Gràcia de Maó: September 7 and 8.

We are sure that you are already looking at tickets to come to Menorca next year. So if so, we leave you these tips that will surely be of interest to you: