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The best sunsets in Menorca

“When the sun is setting, leave whatever you are doing and watch it." Mehmet Murat Ildan

If like Kate Beckinsale in Pearl Harbor, you are a sunset romantic, here is the perfect article to fall in love with the best sunsets in Menorca. So let's not confuse you anymore, well yes, tell you that if you want to discover everything about Menorca, and when we tell you everything is everything, you should download our guide-application ‘MenorcaExplorer’. You have it? So let's continue.


The end of the world

As extraordinary as it is dizzying. So if you suffer from vertigo, move on to our next recommendation. ‘The end of the world’ (how extreme they are putting names) is in Cala’n Porter, very close to ‘Cova d’en Xoroi’. If you go by car, you must access the street from Sant Domenec. Once there and parked, have a cold beer or a soft drink, we are not prone to encourage one thing or another, we do not care. Simply take what you want by hand to enjoy a place and a moment that will be unique and unforgettable. However, we usually recommend that you forget your mobile for a moment, and that you feel everything that will run through your body when you are in a place like this and watch the sun go down over the Mediterranean.

Cavalleria Lighthouse 

You will discover, if you haven't already, that the island is not very big. It is small yes, but huge in terms of beauty. You will also see that the island boasts of having seven lighthouses distributed from north to south and from east to west. But there is one that deserves a special interest, and it is none other than the Cavalleria lighthouse. Do you know that it was the first lighthouse to be built in the northernmost part of the island due to the large number of shipwrecks that happened? This was in 1857, but after the passage of time, this place has been gaining popularity to enjoy the sunsets. Cliffs of more than 40 meters and a whole Mediterranean horizon exclusively for you. Other people even take the opportunity to play the guitar. How not going to do it, that moment provokes to create something more magic if it still fits.

Cala de ses Olles 

In the east of the island, there is a place that has become very, very fashionable to go bathing and especially snorkeling. We are talking about Cala de ses Olles. Well, actually its official name is Cala Fondo, but nobody knows it by that name. It is located in the municipality of Sant Lluís, and is a rocky crescent-shaped area. Thanks to the various platforms that make it up, over the years it has become popular, and in summer, finding a place to settle is difficult, so that we fool ourselves. But ‘Ses Olles’ is much more. If you continue to the end of the precipice, you will be able to appreciate a spectacular sunset at sunset. Imagine yourself, your companion, your friends, whoever it is, more than 20 meters high, on a rocky cliff, and watching the sun go down under the Mediterranean Sea. Want to go? I hope so.

Punta Nati 

The tower that watches over part of the Ciudadela area is undoubtedly one of the best places to enjoy the sunset in Menorca. The day you visit the city, bookmark the Punta Nati lighthouse. It is only a 10 minute drive, and honestly, it is a must do. So find a space in your agenda and write down ‘Sunset at Punta Nati’. Sit on one of its large rocks and wait until the sun goes down. On clearer days, you will even see the neighboring island, Mallorca.

Short but amazing, you'll see. Could we recommend you more? Sure, but these are for our part, the most beautiful places to contemplate a sunset in Menorca. How is the saying? The good, if it is brief, twice good.

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