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The most Instagrammable sites in Menorca

Filling your Instagram feed with the best photos is a universal trend. It is no longer valid to post a standard photo anywhere or in a popular area. A photo in the Retiro Park in Madrid? Much seen. On Passeig de Gràcia, in Barcelona? Typical. Make it look like you hold the Tower of Pisa, in Italy? A whole classic. Instagramers are reinventing themselves and are looking for some spectacular and little-known spot at the same time. Difficult task yes, but not impossible. If you travel to Menorca, the possibilities are remote, not to say endless. If you want to be the envy of your friends, showing off on vacation, this is your island. Get ready to receive a bag of notifications and likes, since the sites that we are going to tell you are among the most instagrammable on the Balearic island.

Monte Toro 

It is the highest peak in Menorca at 358 meters. We can't brag about it in terms of height, true, but we can in terms of beauty. The views from this small mountain are fascinating. You can see the Menorcan countryside, the beaches, the sea and even in the distance, very far away and on clear days, our neighboring island, Mallorca. So drive up to the top and park it. Enjoy the scenery and prepare your mobile. It's shooting time.

Club Nàutic de Binisafuller 

Here the likes and comments are assured. - What envy -, - what a photon -, - What site is it? - In the south of Menorca, in the Binisafuller urbanization, past one of the most popular bathing areas in recent years, 'Ses Olles', is the Binisafuller Nàutic Club. But why go? The beauty is not the club itself, but what is around it. A row of small light blue garages on a white wall. An image that overflows with the Mediterranean, and that gives rise to half an hour of good time to find the best photo for your social networks. After the session, take a dip in the coves in front, it will be the best you can do.

Binibequer Vell 

Yes, a classic, but you have to go. You wouldn't take us seriously if we wrote a tip about the most instagrammable places in Menorca and we didn't include Binibequer Vell. A town built with little houses dressed in white that have become the undisputed hallmark of the town. Ok, so far so good, but you wonder where do I take the photo? Delve into the town, there its narrow alleys intertwine along with its little houses. Adorable (if we can describe the houses that way). The truth is that any corner is beautiful, why fool ourselves. The most daring instagramers even go up to a house to take an aerial shot with the town at their feet. But remember, these houses have an owner, so we do not recommend it.

Cala Morell

A photo here and you will believe yourself the king of the world. Cala Morell is one of the trendiest places in Menorca. Various artificial bathing platforms allow you to sunbathe peacefully, surrounded by some cliffs. Above these platforms, you will find stairs that seem endless. It is there, right there where you should take the photo. The scene and the landscape are of indescribable beauty. Few filters will be needed to find a good photo.

Escaleras puerto de Mahón 

Our fifth instagrammable spot is located in the second largest natural harbor in Europe. The stairs of the port of Mahón! If you walk along the promenade, in front of the Port Mahón hotel, there are stairs that give direct access to the port. Go up and down the stairs to decide where to take the best photo from. It's lazy, yes, but a good photo is well worth your effort. We believe that the best place is to go down the stairs from the top, to a small balcony overlooking the sea. Photon!


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