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What to do in Menorca?

The question is not this, but what you can not do in Menorca. The island of calm, the beautiful island, the Mediterranean Caribbean ... we are known by many names, and as you can see, they are all beautiful. If you are reading this article, it is because your vacation to the Balearic island is approaching, and your nerves surface as you search and write down all those places, activities and restaurants to go to. Right, right? Well, we, the MenorcaExplorer team, will inform you of everything you can, or rather, you should do.


The first thing you have to do is download our app: Menorcaexplorer. Basic. Fundamental. When you have it, you will see that there is much to do and discover. You can also save all these places and corners on our map. Once you have downloaded it, register as a user and write down everything that we are going to tell you.


Moving around the island is something that you will have to do yes or yes. Staying in a hotel and going to the same beach every day is not what we recommend or what you are probably looking for. So rent a car at AutosMenorca. You can move where you want and when you want to tour the island. Now comes the fat, where to go? To do? Here we go.


Mahón and Ciudadela 


Located to the east of the island, is Mahón (the capital). According to his hymn, a beautiful and gallant city. We can affirm that it is true. However, his handwriting also says that it has a beautiful electricity, here we no longer know what to say ... But it is a place that you must visit, period. At the heart of the city is its history, culture and commerce. Buy yourself one of the typical Menorcan pastas in its bakeries and ovens (a rubiol, a pastisset or a flaó) and walk through its alleys and points of interest (Town Hall, Es Freginal, Carrer de ses Moreres, the Teatre Principal), it will be worth it. When you finish visiting all these places, take a break and go down to the Port of Mahón for a drink. It is spectacular. The third largest natural harbor in the world. Yes, you read them correctly, the third largest in the entire globe. Eating or dining there is a great pleasure.

Located at the other end of the island, is Ciudadela, or how its local people like to name it, Ciutadella. Is it prettier than Mahón? We open debate. We believe that they are different beauties, they cannot be compared. But both are a must to target in your app. Ciudadela has a beautiful historic center. Right in the center is the Cathedral of Santa María de Ciudadela, the only Gothic-style cathedral on the island; Yes, it also has a port. Not as big as the one in Mahón, but it is extremely beautiful. In short, we could give you a thousand more reasons to go, but we don't want to bore you either, so write Citadel as a favorite in the app, and save a day of your vacation to visit it.

Top 2 beaches of Menorca 


Cala Pregonda 

Do you remember that popular announcement in 2010 that made our island even more viral? I think everyone sang that song that year. Estrella Damm put Menorca on the map of all Spaniards. Its beaches, its coves, its party, its people ... how not to go to this little corner that many call paradise? One of the beaches that appeared in the advertisement and that everyone wanted to go to was Cala Pregonda. Probably the best beach in the north of the island. A red sand beach that contrasts with its crystal clear waters. A perfect place to plant your umbrella first thing in the morning and not leave until sunset. Do you have it written down? Well that.

Cala Macarella 

The pretty girl and the most acclaimed for tourists. You just need to see the image to tell you why. You get it now, right? Recognized as one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, this wild beach located in the south of Ciudadela is quite a spectacle. Our visitors on their vacations wake up at six in the morning to be the first to arrive. Yes, at six in the morning on your vacation, you read that right. We must tell you, however, that Cala Macarella is only accessible by bus. Its access by car during the summer season is forbidden. So set your alarm early if you want to enjoy this little paradise.

Los faros de Menorca


There are seven guardians of the sea who guard the island. Visiting them has become an essential activity. We are going to let you know 2. In the end, if you are not a lover of these structures, it is not a plan to visit them all, right? 


Faro de Favàritx

The first is the Favàritx lighthouse. Impressive, so clear. A 28-meter concrete structure located 47 meters above sea level. The most incredible thing is its surroundings. A rugged and lunar-like environment that allows you to spend hours taking photos. However, we have to inform you that like Cala Macarella, its access is prohibited during the summer months. You can only access by public transport. We leave you here the link so that you inform yourself correctly:

Faro de Cavalleria

Located at the northernmost point of the island is the Cavallería lighthouse. If you are a Sunsets romantic, this is probably the best place to enjoy it. In the months of June, July and August, you will see a line of people sitting on the coast of its cliffs to watch the sunset. Some even sing with their guitars. Quite a show. We recommend you go early, as parking spaces are limited.

These are the main activities on what to do in Menorca. There are many more, but these are the essentials. If you want to know what else you can do, where else you can go, where to eat, in MenorcaExplorer you will find all that you are looking for.