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What to visit in Mahón - The basics

Mahón, a beautiful and gallant city, has the comforts of a large city. It is not a description, yes, but the beginning of his official anthem. Whether by sea or by air, the city of Mahón is the welcome mat for its visitors. We are not going to tell you its history, nor how cultures as disparate as English, French and Arab left their mark in every corner of the city in recent centuries. But we are going to tell you what you should visit. So open the 'Notes', and point.


The basics

Teatre Principal de Maó 

History tells us that in the 18th century opera and theater performances were common in the city of Mahón. In the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris there are a couple of anonymous paintings that show us the presence of art in the Menorcan city. With all this we want to tell you that Mahón is art in capital letters. Your visit is a must if you have a true appreciation for culture and beauty. Among the most interesting facts about the theater, we can confirm that it is the oldest in Spain; Artists of international stature have passed through here who have made this place known to the whole world. We can understand that you do not feel like going to see a play, although you would hallucinate. But not going to see both the exterior and the interior, it does not fit in our head. 

Iglesia de Santa María - Ayuntamiento de Mahón 

The good thing about Mahón is that everything is close by. The Church of Santa María and the Mahón Town Hall beat in the heart of the city. Two buildings very close to each other that bring the visitor closer to their amazement and curiosity. Santa María is a Catholic church built between 1748 and 1771 in the Gothic style. Its interior has a monumental organ from 1809, 15 meters high and 9 meters wide. In a word, awesome; From the town hall we can highlight the public clock that rises at the top of its structure. Built in London, it was acquired by order of Richard Kane in the year 1731. Above the clock there is a shield of the city in relief. It is said that it was the first watch, not solar, that was in all of Menorca. There is this.

Puerto de Mahón 

The Port of Mahón has been the scene of historical disputes that have raised its name to magnitudes of great importance. The domination of the English, Arabs and French expanded the cultural diversity that today reflects your city. But we are not here to tell you about battles and feats, but to tell you what to visit, which is practically everything. The port of Mahón is 5 km long. On its promenade there are bars and restaurants worthy of sitting and having a drink while you watch the boats entering and leaving the bay. Nothing more to say. Reserve an afternoon-night and stroll through this historic place.

Mercat des Claustre 

Distancing itself from the dimensions that markets such as the Boqueria in Barcelona can acquire, the Mercat des Claustre, also known as ‘Sa Plaça’, has a charm, a what do I know what, that makes you fall in love. Its interior houses one of the most traditional markets in Menorca where gastronomic products, costume jewelery, clothing, among others are offered. Entering and strolling through the Mercat des Claustre is something you must do if you visit the city. Who goes to Rome and does not visit the Campo di ’FIori market? You understand where we are going, right? In addition, its surroundings have an incredible viewpoint to the Port of Mahón. On the other hand, and for a few months, an elevator was installed that gives direct access to the port. We can no longer give you any more reasons not to go.

Mercado de Pescados 

If the Mercat des Claustre in Menorca is what La Boquería is in Barcelona, ​​the Fish Market in Mahón is what the San Miguel Market in Madrid. Easy to understand right? But let's start at the beginning, since to get here, you must understand its history. The Fish Market was built at the beginning of the 20th century by the local architect Francesc Femenias. A strategic and extremely important place for the commercial expansion of the city and maritime transactions in the Mediterranean. Today and in the morning, the Market has the function of selling fish and seafood for suppliers and ordinary people. But for no more than a decade, the ‘Mercat des Peix’ has become the leisure center for residents and tourists. The place of reference for locals and tourists to go for a drink and have fun with friends. The enclosure was expanded and local food stalls were implemented, and now it is the reference point to have fun and have a beer, a wine, along with the diverse gastronomic offer that the place offers.


These are the basics of Mahón. Those that you will have seen in other portals while you are looking for what to do as soon as you arrive in the city. But if you come to Menorca for a few days, you may also be interested in these tips: