informacion sobre menorca

Information about Menorca

Menorca is the island of archeology par excellence and the most eastern and northern of the Balearic Islands (Spain). The passage of history gives Menorca peculiar characteristics that differentiate it from the rest of the Balearic archipelago. The numerous vestiges and monuments are everywhere and are testimony of the intense episodes that this small island has lived. From its prehistoric period to the most current, we can see a mixture of cultures which enrich Menorca in its entirety. The mixture of these different cultures that reached its shores left a rich heritage and cultural heritage, which will be one of the attractions that visitors can enjoy.

As information about Menorca we can say that the capital of the island since 1714 is Mahon, located on the east coast of the island. Previously the capital of Menorca was Ciutadella but it was under the English occupation where the British governor Richard Kane decided to move the royal courts and the seat of the government of Ciutadella to Mahón.

From the Muslim period (XXIII centuries), Ciutadella was the only urban center of the Menorca island and therefore the headquarters of the main governing bodies were constituted. The Christian conquest of Menorca arrived in 1287, keeping Ciutadella as its capital. Meanwhile Mahón was growing on the edge of his door, developing a city that over the years, would become very important. From the sixteenth century, due to the importance of the military and the commercial sector in its port, Mahón experienced a more intense evolution, reaching a similar population to its neighbor Ciutadella. It was in the eighteenth century, during British occupation, where Mahón took impulse level of development and chose Mahon as capital and Ciutadella as the seat of the bishopric of Menorca.

Calm and beautiful

The incomparable landscape of Menorca and its exceptional care gained an important and deserved recognition. In 1993, the island became part of the world network of Biosphere Reserves, by UNESCO, which makes it a model territory for sustainable development. Its natural wealth, bathed by the Mediterranean, is one of its greatest attractions for visitors, who can enjoy enviable places and great beauty, where you can hardly appreciate the footprint of the human being.

The natural park of s’Albufera des Grau is one of the most important natural areas of the island. This park located in the northeast of Menorca is composed of a lagoon about 2km long, being one of the most prominent wetlands of all the Balearic Islands. From Menorca Explorer we recommend this point as essential for all those who visit Menorca. The best way to visit it is to visit the tourist information point where they will inform us about the park and the activities that can be done in it, such as hiking or bird watching, being the best area to see these animals throughout the year. In winter it is usually the time when more different species are concentrated in this area as it becomes the perfect wintering place for many birds from northern Europe.