Menorca Biosphere Reserve

Menorca is home to the best preserved natural landscapes of the Mediterranean. This is a unique natural place, declared a BiosphereReserve Menorca by UNESCO.

Menorca is an intensely humanized territory with a rich traditional rural landscape. It houses a remarkable diversity of Mediterranean habitatsin the living plant and animal species unique in the island, some of them endangered.

Menorca is part of the Spanish Network of Biosphere Reserves and maintains contacts with other biosphere reserves assigned in the Homeand Biosphere Program (MAB) of UNESCO. The Menorca Biosphere Reserve is twinned with that of Lanzarote (Canary Islands).

Sustainable development in Menorca

CIME (Menorca Island Council) responsible institutional reserve has opted for sustainability so that future generations of citizens and residents can continue to enjoy the natural resources and beauty of the landscape we have today. For this reason, caution should be exercised over the territory, to maintain long-term quality of life and environmental values ​​that have earned the UNESCO declaration.

In its 702 km2 we find a natural park (the Albufera des Grau), five nature reserves, marine reserve and nineteen ANEI areas (Areas of Special Interest).

The island is a natural paradise formed by numerous ravines, caves, land, sea caves and unique plant and animal species.