guerra civil y postguerra menorca

The last frontier

Menorca Balearic island was the only Republican territory that remained against Franco during the Spanish Civil War. The balance of the fighting was bloody, as was the suppression of the entry of Franco’s troops in February 1939.

The purse industry in recession since World War evolved since 1925 toward making chains in precious metals and jewelry. The latter activity came to the fore in the early forties and promoted the development of the economy Menorca.

The struggle for democratic rights rekindled the last of Franco. The Constitution of 1978 legalized political parties and unions and people can participate in democratic elections, with some mixed results with respect to the island.

Jewelry, shoes, farming and tourism

Since the mid-nineteenth century, local authorities are trying to recover some menorquinas self-government, claiming a county council that would allow them to manage the island. The Statute of Autonomy (1983) are recognized that right and the Island Council is the institution that make it effective.

In 1993, Unesco declared Menorca Reserve of the Biosphere. The aim is the conservation of representative ecosystems of the island, further research on the environment and promote sustainable development in the medium and long term.

Finally, note that the jewelry, along with the shoe industry, cattle breeding, focusing on the production of meat and milk for cheese making and, above all, tourism, now constitute bases for the island economy.