Arabic toponymy and the “sinia”

After several Islamic incursions and Norman, in 903 the Balearic Islands became part of the Cordoba Caliphate with its capital in Medina Minurka (Ciutadella) and, after his disappearance, Menorca was integrated into the Taifa kingdom of Denia in 1015 . Proof of this is the place of Binisaid, found in the middle of last century, with plenty of time numismatic material.

The castle of Santa Agueda was the main Muslim stronghold on the island. Conceived as a haven castle in the spacious grounds could accommodate many people with their flocks. Inside, there was even a permanent habitat area, with houses and streets.

The nearly 300-year Moorish occupation left an important legacy in Menorca, as shown by an abundant place names of Arabic origin (Biniparrell, Biniali, Binigaus …) and water works as sinia.