Vandals, Byzantines and Normans

Driven by the Goths, Vandals, settled in the south and east of the peninsula, not lovers of calm and tranquility, they planned to extend control along the coasts of Africa.

With the fall of the Roman Empire at 427 Menorca suffered invasion of Vandals at the helm of Genseric, who tried to impose Arianism on the population.

After the victory of the Byzantines over the Persians, the armies of Byzantium could act in other directions, which, together with the fact that the vandals were caught up in infighting, provided that the Byzantines conquered the Balearic Islands. Thus, in 534 the Byzantine Empire annexes the islands and restore Catholicism in them.

Of this period include the early basilica paleocristiana de Son Bou.

It was in the ninth century, when the Normans, savage and ruthless hordes descended from Denmark and Scandinavia, invaded the coast of England, France, Italy and Spain in search of plunder and loot villages to collect, without regard to their religious beliefs and guided only by their thirst for destruction and killing of prey.

Fell off the Spanish coast on the African coast, and after passing the city of Nahor knife, went to the Balearic Islands, Mallorca and then rushing in to Menorca, which were brutally depopulated by force, says the chronicle of Sebastian de Salamanca (Gladio depopulaverunt eas).