Jaime I de Aragón

In 1229 Jaime I de Aragon managed to subdue the Muslims of Menorca and turn them into tributaries of his kingdom by a ruse. The incorporation of Menorca to the Crown of Aragon was conducted in two phases: the first by a pact, the Treaty of Capdepera the year 1231, by which Muslim islanders paid a tribute to King James I. The second was the definitive conquest, which took place the year 1286 by Afonso III.

The Aragonese monarch exerted a powerful influence on the island, however, continued to run by Muslims. In 1282 Ben Hakan Caid Abu Omar agreed to by almojarife of Menorca and, knowing of the intention of Peter III to organize a punitive expedition against the Moorish cities of North Africa, prevented, so that when you get the king of African places were prepared for defense. In retaliation, decided to annex Menorca Peter III, died in 1285 but could not see his project.

Alfonso III de Aragón

Their son, Alfonso III de Aragon, it happened him/her in the throne and he/she intended to carry out the task that their father could not culminate. After a fruitless intent of arriving to the costs of Ciutadella, impeded by a strong storm of Tramuntana, Alfonso III disembarked in 1287 in the port of Denim, in the Island of the Rabbits, denominated Illa from then on of the I Laughed. Finally, January 17, festivity of San Antonio, seems to be that Catalan and Aragonese, in battle order and guided by its impetuous king, they attacked valorously against the Moors in San Jorge’s called hills. And it is fame that it has more than enough an altozano that “Puig called herself you give Degollador”, he/she got rid a bloody combat that finished with a horrible slaughter and with the Aragonese king’s decisive victory.

The almojarife and Muslim troops, defeated at the Battle of Mahon, retreated to the fortress of St. Agatha, until January 21, 1287 surrendered to the Christian army.

By order of the king were reinforced defenses Mahon, Ciutadella and the castle of Santa Agueda. After the capitulation of Santa Agueda shared the land under the feudal system, including Catalan knights who had fought against Muslims in the battle of Mahon. This land distribution emerged cavallería calls or fiefs, origin of the aristocracy that would flourishMenorca in the seventeenth century.

In summary, the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries are turbulent in the context of general crisis affecting all of Western Europe. We found social strife, economic crises, civil strife and epidemics that decimated the population. But it also lays the foundations of the current settlement with the founding of towns like Alaior, the roots of land ownership, the fundamentals of the economy based on grain cultivation, livestock, textile manufacturing and trade. Thus, we can say that the people of Menorca comes with the conquest of 1287.