Many celebrities have spoken about the art:

The origin of Greek philosopher Aristotle in ancient times, and was silent on the matter: “In part, the art complete what nature can not produce, and partly imitates nature.”

Similarly, the writer, Irish poet and playwright, Oscar Wilde: “No great artist sees things as they really are, if it did, it would be an artist.”

Even the German scientist, Albert Einstein: “Art is the expression of the deepest feelings for the simplest way.”

Plastics Resources, sound, language and even mixed, they formed what today we mean by art. The essence of it lies in the expression of feelings, thoughts, ideas, perceptions, feelings, …

In this sense, Menorca has always be attractive to those seeking favor with the Muses. Local and foreign artists have attempted, over time, their works translated into the beauty and mystery of the territory and its own people.

This section is dedicated to all those artists who at one moment have pledged some hidden place, a small detail, human being, and even sound of this beautiful island.

And remember!

“Inspiration exists, but needs to find you working.” Pablo Picasso