The quiet here is total

The term Es Migjorn Gran, or Saint Christopher, is an independent municipality since 1990. Save the purest essences of being Menorca, being the least affected by tourism. And it is also the densest archaeological area of the island, of which the traveler is given early consideration by the looming silhouettes talaiots everywhere.

Shortly before entering the village, to the right, the estate Ses Fonts redones de Baix is one of the most spectacular in the area. It has a white facade of almost identical proportions to the Golden Farm, with a beautiful garden, ornamented with balustrades and stairways.

Cova dels Coloms, an exquisite excursion

To revive the mythical world of yesterday Menorca, just make a little trip around. On a road that goes to the left, just before entering the road Ferrerías coming from Es Migjorn Talaiótico find deposits of Son Mercer de Dalt y de Baix.

The simplest is the path that leads to the Cova dels Coloms (de las Palomas). You can reach the estate of Binigaus, then descending into the ravine. It’s a short road and being the best known cave is easy to find her. They call it “sa cathedral” for its large size (24m high, 11m long and 15 wide). Nearby, on the campus of Sant Agusti Vell, a talaiot has the particularity of maintaining a large house with wooden roof.

From Es Migjorn get to the beaches of Sant Adeodat and Sant Tomas are at the end of the road.Arenales, pine forests, hotels and a housing surrounding the area.

The beach of Sant Tomàs is marked in its entirety by the rise hotels and apartments. It is fine white sand, with dunes, and has a length of a mile and a width of forty feet. Numerous facilities: restaurants, gazebo, hammocks and parasols, among others. Beside it, at its western end, open the small beach of San Adeodat. From St. Thomas you can walk in about twenty minutes from the beach of Son Bou, in the opposite direction Binigaus.

From San Adeodato a short walk to Ponent, following the path along the coast will lead you straight to the adjoining beach Binigaus a wonder virgin and calm in the more you abstain, as is becoming a nudist beach .