Mahon, Menorca’s capital

The majestic natural port of Mahon, one of the largest in the world, has been historically gateway to many civilizations. Its heyday was given under the British rule in the eighteenth century, where a colonial city took that still endures.

Mahon, Menorca’s capital, is inserted into the southwestern coast of the island. In its urban structure are assembled suggestively English influence-sash windows and no balconies, and the peculiar physiognomy Menorca.

El rincón más evocador de Menorca

In the lively streets of downtown we find numerous shops and historic buildings of interest. Highlights include the Town Hall, neoclassical facade and with the clock given by the Governor Kane to the city, and various religious buildings. The church of Santa Mariais home to one of the treasures of the capital, his monumental 3210 organ pipes and four keyboards, designed by the German masters and Kirburz Otter. The beauty of their records dazzles those who attend concerts by renowned international performers. Behind the church, a statue of King Alfonso III presides over the Plaza de la Conquesta, where the palace of Can Mercadal, current headquarters of the Public Library.

Other visits are essential Costa de ses Voltes, the Fish Market, the Claustre del Carme, S’Arravaleta, Es Pont de Sant Roc, Carrer de ses Moreres and Carrer Nou. If visiting the city with sufficient time, it is advisable to visit the Main Theater, the Museum of Menorca, the Convent of San Francisco, the University Scientific, Literary and Art or the Museum-Hernández Sanz Hernández Mora, to understand the roots of this beautiful town.

The nightlife of the city is in port, you should visit it by sea in one of the different scenic cruises, and visit historical buildings such as theFortaleza de La Mola or Lazareto.

The port of Mahon is packed with restaurants, nightclubs and terraces can also go shopping in their shops or crafts. At the end of Mao is the airport of Menorca as well as the Natural Park of Albufera des Grau: nucleus of the Biosphere Reserve and a good birdwatching.

Interesting Points Interesting Visits
S’Esplanada Puerto de Mahón
Carrer de Ses Moreres Illa del Rei
Es Pont de Sant Roc Museu de Menonrca
Carrer Hannover Fortaleza de La Mola
Parc Es Freginal Parque Natural d’Es Grau
Mercat Femenias Poblado Talayótico de Trepucó
Claustre del Carme Poblado Talayótico de Talatí
EveMirador Plaça Miranda Faro de Favàritx
Costa de Ses Voltes Lazareto
Basílica Paleocristiana de Torrelló
Centre d’Art Hernández Sanz



Interesting Buildings Beaches
Ayuntamiento de Mahón Es Grau
Iglesia de Santa María Sa Mesquida
Casas señoriales en calle Isabel II Es Murtar
Teatro Principal de Mahón Es Canutells
Ateneo Científico, Literario y Artístico Binidalí
Iglesia Sant Francesc
Claustre del Carme
EveMirador Plaça Miranda
Costa de Ses Voltes
Ermita de Gràcia