The French heritage of the island

Founded by the French during their brief occupation of the island (1756-1763), Sant Lluísis the oldest of the planned towns of Menorca in the eighteenth century.

A few miles south of Mahon, the principal characteristic of their urban design is the regular pattern of its streets and squares. Among them, occupies a central position neoclassical church, totally bleached, like most houses in the town. Another significant building in town is the Moli de Dalt, a former flour mill now become an ethnological museum.

In the center of the population is concentrated virtually all social and commercial activity, in it are based banks, convenience stores, kiosks, cultural and sports center, where he organized numerous activities, among which a curious antique auction, and bars and San Luis and La Rueda, the latter famous for its tapas cooking purely Menorca, as well as other restaurants.

A very picturesque setting

In relation to those neighborhoods and beaches that make up the southern coast of Sant Lluís, are of special interest Binibeca beach, the fishing village of Binibeca Vell, Punta Primaand Cala Torret.

Similarly, Alcaufar and S’Algar, located on the east coast of Sant Lluís, are also highly recommended.

Sant Lluís is not particularly rich in archaeological sites. It should be noted, however, all the necropolis of artificial caves and Binisafúller and Biniparratx. The most important site in any case, is to Binissafullet.

Interesting Points Interesting visits
Avinguda de sa Pau Poblado Pescadores Binibeca Vell
Plaça Nova (BUS) Poblado Talayótico de Binisafullet
Carrer de Sant Lluís Bodegas Binifadet
Plaça de Sa Creu
Carrer de Sant Antoni






Interesting Buildings Beaches
Iglesia de Sant Lluís Alcalfar
Molí de Dalt Cala Rafalet (s’Algar)
Punta Prima