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Menorca Explorer has become the benchmark for business and tourist information Menorca . With a high number of visits, represents a very important platform as advertising and content are concerned. A web space essential for development your company and to publicize their services and products.

This website is a useful tool, both for visitors who want to organize your trip from the country of origin, as for the resident on the island who want updated information on the cultural and leisure activities. The portal collects, completely updated, the most interesting complementary offer Menorca: places of interest, recommendations, information for each municipality, sports and adventure, gastronomy, beaches and coves, bars and nightlife festivals, geography and climate, history, biosphere reserve, and so on.

Menorca Explorer has been designed by a team of communication professionals, marketingcomputing who know the importance of applying new technologies in the tourism sector. This is a highly competitive industry that requires a proper strategic review, and an attractive design and some updated content. Only then will get the positioning that your company needs in the network.

Moreover, the impact of this project for your company is twofold, since the portal is associated with a complete and attractive 120-page guidebook color bilingual (English-Castilian), which brings the tourist information more useful to visitors, practical information, services, maps, street maps, tours, places of interest, maps and a calendar of the highlights of the island. And what really is most important to your business, a complete directory of companies categorized attention to their business and municipality in which they are located.

Distributed annually and certificate distribution, hotels, apart-hotels, country hotels, tourist offices and car rental companies that have been previously selected for their importance as well as in their own establishments that advertise on the it.

The Menorca Explorer Guide is a clear commitment to quality and rigor. Experience and good service are our guarantee. Do not hesitate, contact us and start promoting your company. Numerous products and rates to choose from, always guided by a team of communication to advise him step by step to make the most of your business.

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