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Winter in Menorca


  • Minimum average temperature: 7.4 ºC
  • Maximum average temperature: 20 ºC
  • Average temperature: 11 ºC
  • Rainfall: 7 days
  • Relative humidity average: 75%
  • Average sea temperature: 13 ºC


  • December: 07:47h-08:06h
  • January: 08:06h-07:54h
  • February: 07:53h-07:20h


  • December017:20h-17:28h
  • January17:29h-18:01h
  • February18:03h-18:34h

What clothing should you pack?

These are usually the coldest months of the year in Menorca. The wind chill is also lower due to the high humidity on the island. Even so, the temperature rarely drops below 8ºC. We recommend that you bring warm coat and winter clothes. Unless you are brave and enjoy the sea all year round, we suggest you save your swimming gear and summer clothes for a later time.