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Spring in Menorca


  • Minimum average temperature: 9 ºC
  • Maximum average temperature: 21ºC
  • Average temperature14ºC
  • Rainfall: 7 dias de lluvia
  • Relative humidity average: 71%
  • Average sea temperature: 14ºC


  • March: 07:18h-07:30h
  • April: 07:29h-06:46h
  • May: 06:45h-06:18h


  • March: 18:36h-20:07h
  • April: 20:08h-20:37h
  • May: 20:38h-21:06h

What clothing should you pack?

Although spring is the prelude to summer, it can be a bit early for short sleeves. In March, take a jacket, coat or windbreaker, as it's likely to be cold or rainy on the island. However, at the end of April and May, you can definitely pack your swimming gear. Menorca's stunning coves and beaches await you for your first swim of the year. But don’t forget, the water will still be cold!