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Lighthouse of Illa de l'Aire


Year of construction: Started in 1857. Finalised in 1860.
Electric lighting: 1911


Height above sea level: 53 metres
Luminous range: 8 nautical miles


The Isla del Aire lighthouse is a haven of solitude. It is located on the Isla del Aire, an islet rich in interesting biodiversity of high ecological value. If there is one thing that makes this island stand out, it is the presence of Balearic lizards, characterised by their black scales. This islet is privately owned.

How to get

By boat: The only way to access the island is by sea. You can anchor close to the coast and access the land to admire its vegetation, fauna and the lighthouse itself.

Remember that you are not allowed to anchor in areas where there is posidonia growing.
If you wish to explore the island, it is advisable not to stray from the path out of respect for the biodiversity it contains.

By kayak: From the beach and the coast of Punta Prima, you can access the island by kayak.
Estimated time: 20-30 minutes