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Renewable Energy

In 2015, Menorca generated its lowest level of renewable energy in the previous seven years, with only 3.2% of the total amount of energy consumed.

Menorca's ecological footprint is estimated to be approximately seven times its actual size and its carbon footprint is almost double that of the European Union.

The aim is for Menorca to generate 100% renewable energy, as at present it still uses 99% fossil fuels. This would cost approximately 250 million euros per year.

Menorca Preservation Fund believes that this is a vitally important issue and seeks to support initiatives that work towards this goal.

Renewable energy projects

Do you want to get involved?

If you are an individual, an organisation or a company and you want to help with our aims and objectives, you can do so in the following ways:

  • Become a Volunteer with Menorca Preservation Found
  • Raise money for MEP
  • Collaboration by businesses
  • Offering of services
  • Beach Clean Menorca
  • Submit your idea
  • Donation