Due to its island nature and the isolation that this entailed in history, Menorca uncovered the ingenuity of its inhabitants to produce a traditional Menorcan cuisine that has been transmitted orally from generation to generation. With limited and sometimes scarce resources, for centuries a subsistence kitchen has been practiced, making the most of the products of the sea and the land. To this is added the footprint of the different cultures that have conquered the island over time, bringing with it different ways to make the dishes richer in flavor and color. All this is concentrated in each dish, in each bite and it is worth trying to be surprised.

The tradition of Menorquina cuisine

Menorca has always opted for the most traditional foods offered by the Menorcan countryside, cooking according to seasonal products and following a calendar of celebrations with the most typical dishes in each one of them. A privilege that, for a long time, has been reserved for the locals. For some years, the most traditional cuisine of Menorca can be tasted in the best restaurants on the island, offering traditional and market cuisine, even getting quality stamps and guarantee marks such as the Mahón cheese.

On an island like this, so small, the sea has always been present at the tables. Excellent mollusks, crustaceans such as the famous lobster and variety of blue, white and rockfish have shaped what are currently the most typical dishes of Menorca. Influences that leave a trace Minorcan cuisine has gastronomic particularities inherited from other cultures that colonized the island, from the Arabian centuries to the English or French conquests. The cuscusso is the typical dessert that is usually consumed at Christmas in Menorca, consisting of dry bread, almonds, sugar and butter, adding candied fruit and raisins, a legacy of the Arab period. The Gin is a clear memory of the passage of the English on the island.

Unique specialties of Menorca

Cheese is the king. This food exceeds its high quality and international recognition. The maximum exponent is the Mahón Cheese with Denomination of Origin and made from cow’s milk and an external parallelepiped appearance. The most typical sausages are made with pork, being the slaughter of the animal (porjades) one of the most typical customs of Menorcan society. Currently, there are still many families that come together to make sausages in a festive and friendly atmosphere. The “carn i xulla” is currently the most typical sausage on the island, since it is only produced in Menorca. The sobrassada, the botifarró or the camot are also some of the most typical and handcrafted sausages on the island. La Mahonesa is undoubtedly the most famous and consumer Menorcan origin product in the world. Salsa star of numerous dishes and traditional recipes. It is said to have come from the French invasion of the island in 1756, which the Duke of Richelieu made known in France under the name of Mahonise, in honor of the city of Mahon.