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Organize a trip to Menorca

If you are here it is because you are planning a trip to Menorca and delight yourself with its essence. Well, first of all we want to congratulate you on your choice as we know for sure that Menorca will not disappoint you.

To plan your holidays in Menorca as pleasant and enjoyable as possible, the Menorca Explorer travel guide we want to offer you all the information you can to help you plan your trip to Menorca in detail and tell you all its secrets.

Here, you can find information on what to do in Menorca, the best restaurants where to eat in Menorca, information on the beaches of Menorca and much more!

In Menorca Explorer we know that the experience begins before the trip and that is why we want to accompany you from the first moment, that is why we have selected the best activities that Menorca can offer to all those who visit and want to enjoy it to the fullest.

We invite you to plan your trip to Menorca in MenorcaExplorer and get all the necessary information for before, during and after your stay in this small big island.

Why visit Menorca?

For us, Menorca is the most spectacular island of the whole Mediterranean and one of the most beautiful in the world besides being a perfect destination to go with family, friends, as a couple or alone. The tranquility offered by the coves and beaches of Menorca allow the traveler to completely disconnect from the rhythm and stress we suffer from day to day. Letting go of the routine contemplating beautiful landscapes and fascinating places that this island keeps, allows the tourist to charge of energy and revitalize while he is in Menorca.

A trip to Menorca is synonymous with tranquility, fun, disconnection and culture. Few are the tourists that once have made a trip to Menorca do not dream of going back to step on it, so from Menorca Explorer we want to warn you that once you know the island, you will want to return

Although the island of Menorca is small, its possibilities are very wide and each traveler is able to plan their stay on the island and get the type of vacation they crave.

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When to take a trip to Menorca?

Menorca is as beautiful as it is different depending on the time of year you decide to visit it. During the months of autumn and winter, Menorca shows its most natural and less touristy face

If you plan a trip to Menorca during the winter, you can enjoy a more authentic and rural Menorca, where you can visit the most touristic places without crowds, trek through Camí de Cavalls without feeling the suffocating heat of the summer months or dine in any Island restaurant without having to book in advance.

Visiting Menorca during the low season months is relatively cheap since the offer is much higher than the demand

If what you really want is to make a trip to Menorca during the summer or spring months to enjoy the sun, the beach and the spectacular terraces on the edge of impressive cliffs, then you should plan very well the type of vacation you want to have. You can make a trip to Menorca very tourist visiting the most famous beaches, hotels with great services or hired tours. If you want to spend a vacation in Menorca at your leisure, you should plan a route through the most pristine beaches, more rural accommodation and have a rental car to move.

Menorca Explorer aims to be your Menorca travel guide par excellence and give you all the information and advice necessary to make your stay on the island as perfect as possible.