Rent a car, excellent choice

A great way to feel the beauty of this island is followed with a hire car Menorca. Being an island of small size, renting a car can be a very practical option for the whole family dynamic.

Tourists can hire a car rental companies that specialize in directly from their city of origin, or, once on the island. Most of them have offices at the airport of Mahon, in addition to those located in Menorca busiest neighborhoods.

The rent a car companies have a large fleet of vehicles that will accommodate all types of pockets. The tourist, according to the number of passengers can choose from different ranges and order as many accessories needed for your comfort.

It is advisable to book the car in advance to rule out any possibility of shortage of it in the dates chosen.

For the record, noting that the speed inter-city roads is limited to 90 km / h and urban roads at 40 km / h. It is also advisable to use sound or light signals on the rural roads, to counteract the reduced visibility of many curves.

Finally, another option for mobility are the Transfers. They are hiring private transfers from airport or port of Mahon Menorca minibus, minibus, taxi or rental car with driver, to accompany them to their respective hotel, villa or apartment.


Petrol Stations in Maó:

  • E.S. AEROPUERTO DE MENORCA, Vial de salida. Telf.: 971 354 961. Horario: de 7 a 1h.
  • E.S. MAHÓN, Cruce Vía Ronda, Carretera General. Abierto las 24h.
  • E.S. ROSSELLÓ, Plaza Abú Umar, nº1. Telf.: 971 369 971. Abierto las 24h.
  • E.S. VIA RONDA, Vía de Ronda, s/n (crtra. Sant Lluís). Telf.: 971 350 403. Abierto las 24h.

Petrol Stations in Ciutadella:

  • HERMANOS VIVÓ PONS, Cautivos de Constantinopla, s/n. Telf.: 971 381 597. Abierto las 24h. Servicio automático.
  • CALA EN BLANES, Ctra. Cala en Blanes, s/n. Telf.: 971 480 489. Horario: de 6.30 a 23h.
  • PUERTAS LAGO, Cala en Bosc, s/n. Telf.: 971 387 171. Sólo abierto en periodo estival.

Petrol Stations in Alaior:

  • ELEM, Ctra. Maó-Ciutadella, km 7. Telf.: 971 378 369. Abierto las 24h.
  • E.S. ALAIOR, Balmes, nº55. Telf.: 971 371 197. Horario: de 7 a 22h.

Petrol Stations in Sant Lluís:

  • E.S. SANT LLUÍS, Av. de la Pau s/n. Telf.: 971 150 000. Abierto las 24h.
  • E.S. ES MERCADAL, Ctra. Maó-Ciutadella, km 23. Telf.: 971 375 149. Abierto las 24 horas.

Petrol Stations in Ferreries:

  • HERMANOS PULIDO HERRERA. POIFE, Calle B, nº2. Telf.: 971 373 082.