transporte maritimo menorca

Transmediterranea and Balearia

When travel to Menorca, the traveler should consider the possibility of taking his own vehicle.This decision is important because it will depend on the freedom of movement on the island. If the traveler chooses to move his vehicle, the tourist has different shipping companies.

Transmediterranea and Balearia offer departures from Barcelona, Valencia and Mallorca all year round. Anyway, you can learn about the offerings of the season on their web sites, since some of them can be quite fast and good.

Nautical Information

Fuel Supplies

  • Mao: Club Marítimo y CAMPSA
  • Ciutadella: Club Náutico
  • Son Xoriguer: Marina de Cala’n Bosch

Water Supplies

  • Mao: Ribera del Puerto, Club Marítimo, Autoridad Portuaria
  • Ciutadella: Club Náutico
  • Addaia: Puerto deportivo
  • Fornells: Ensenada del Puerto
  • Son Xoriguer: Marina de Cala’n Bosch