The charm of the Mediterranean

The natural diversity of the Mediterranean island of Minorca is, without a doubt, one of its most outstanding characteristics. With a surface area of 700 square kilometres, visitor will find here a wide variety of typical Mediterranean habitats. These magnificent habitats include a number of rugged ravines, caves, ponds, lakes, marshes, sand dunes, coasts and islets.

The Island of Minorca is divided into two different types of regions. Its rugged northern region, for example, is home of a variety of beautiful reddish sandy beaches, whilst its southern region is home of a less rugged landscape where visitors will find, amongst other things, fine-looking cliffs, pine covered ravines and golden sandy coves. We would mention that the highest point on the island is the 357 metre high Mount Toro.

This beautiful Mediterranean island was declared a World Biosphere Reserve in 1993. The main part of the biosphere reserve area being found in the Parque Natural de s’Albuferades Grau, the Illa d’en Colom and the Cap deFavaritx. Situated in the municipality of Mao, the Minorca World Biosphere Reserve has a surface area of 1.947 hectares and includes a lake with a surface area of 72 hectares, a wetland area known as Es Prat, a number of water pools that include the Morella and Sa Torreta pools and the En Colom Islet with the surface area of 60 hectares.

Sport and nature go hand in hand

Minorca offers its visitors, amongst other things, the marvellous opportunity of combining different kinds of sports with a variety of nature spotting activities. A wide selection of water sports activities can be found here that included, amongst others, swimming trips to picturesque coves, windsurfing, sailing, waterskiing, sport fishing and scuba diving. It is also possible to find an excellent variety of boat trips offering excursions along its striking coast. We would mention that these beautiful sea excursions provide visitors with the opportunity of enjoying some of Minorca’s most interesting sights.Minorca is home of a wide variety of scuba diving centres (with diving courses for all levels) and windsurfing schools, Fornells standing out as the most popular area for this sport, as well as an excellent selection of yacht clubs located around the coast. Worth a special mention are the Mao, Addaia, Fornells, Ciutadella and Calan Bosch yacht clubs. Visitor will also find other types of smaller nautical installations.

Horse riding is another of Minorca’s popular recreational activities. In fact, a number of horse racing tracks and riding clubs can be found here, especially around the Mao, Ferreries and Ciutadella areas. Country horse riding excursions are an interesting option for visitors looking to combine horse riding with nature spotting. These should not miss a trip to one of the exciting local horse races taking place at the Mao and Ciutadella Horse racing tracks. Horses are also the protagonists of a large number of the local ancient festivals celebrated here during the summer season. It is possible to find, from the months of June to September, spectacular local Minorcan horses, beautiful decorated with ribbons, embroidery and colourful carnations being ridden by riders dressed mainly in black and white, taking part in festivals that date back to the beginning of the 14th century.

Cycling is also popular, a recreational sport that can be safely practised on many of Minorca’s secondary roads and country tracks with programmed group or individual excursions being available. Visitors will have no difficulty finding interesting nature routes providing all types of magnificent flora and fauna as well as a host of stunning landscapes. Hikers and trekkers should look put for Minorca’s excellent nature network, ideal for all kinds of excursion activities. Finally, we would mention that a spectacular ancient horse track bordering the coastline has been projected for public use:Cami de Cavalls.

Finally, situated on the northern part of the island, golfing enthusiasts will find Minorca’s magnificent Son Parc Urbanisation Golf Club. This modern golf club with its Par 70, 18-hole golf course is open seven days a week. We would mention that both individual and group golf lessons by fully-trained professionals are available for beginners.