In order to revitalize downtown Mao, starting today, July 1, 2011, the City Council of Mao launches a tourist train and circulation changes.

The train will start work today and so far made ​​two stops: one at the Esplanade Square and another at the Plaza Espanya. The government team also claims that the train moves through the port of Mahon, however, the latter is still pending approval of the relevant Port Authority. Also, the medium term, the intention is to incorporate two or three to cover the service.

In parallel, changes will arise in the flow of traffic. The most significant will be the Constitution Square, which will become totally pedestrian and which granted the installation of 2 terraces of bars in the same area. In this line, after falling from the square Bastió, traffic will go to Portal de Mar, rather than to Sant Roc.

The Conquest will return to Square reopened to traffic to allow access to the Plaza Espanya, that following the last works executed under the socialist command, had been in only one direction of movement. To do so, lampposts and litter bins will be removed to allow the return leg to have both directions of movement.

El Camí des Castell, meanwhile, will have to reverse current, ie, only allow the transit towards square Princep.

As far as the blue area is concerned, the idea is to eliminate the blue installed since early this year in Sinia Costabella and offer discount cards for residents to park in blue zones

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