The Distillery Xoriguer

Another product is typically Menorca gin. Probably arrived with the British, as the juniper is the basis for their development is not on the island. The characteristic of Menorca’s gin is that it uses the same distillation process that two hundred years ago. It retains, so to speak, his “old flavor” because alcohol is made from wine, not grain, and it does not follow the industrial process of condensation and decondensation.

Currently there is only one distillery: Xoriguer, which is in the dock at the port of Mahon. There is still the gin-distilling some stills that have more than one hundred years, from juniper berries tons brought from Montseny, the Pyrenees or the mountains of Teruel. This is a small firm and adapted to market part of the island and mainland, with a capacity of 400,000 liters of gin per year. Typically the “bòtil” or bottle of mud, they employ.