With designation of origin since 1980

It seems that Greeks and Carthaginians andMenorca’s cheese appreciated that leave even cited in the famous letter of Bishop Severus, he mentions the seasonings lac, caseum Vaccinium (cow’s milk and cheese).

During the Muslim rule, was exported throughout the Mediterranean via Genoese and Pisan merchants, who bought it in North Africa. In the eighteenth century was famous throughout Europe, and in 1980 received the designation of origin.

Industrial and artisan cheese

Mahon cheese is divided into two varieties. First, artisan cheese, made from raw milk on the farm. It may be semi-cured (maturation of two to five months), curing (maturity of five to ten months) and aged (over ten months).

Mahon cheese is produced in industrial factory from pasteurized milk. Follow the same features as above, but with a difference added: soft or fresh cheese (maturation of ten days to two months).

The cheese industry is one of the most important factors in the economy of Menorca. The production is very high and factories menorquinas enjoy fame and prestige because of the quality of the cheeses they produce, using less fat without adulteration, as from the countryside. The cheese stands menorquín for its exquisite taste, both fresh and curing. Ideal for salads, sandwiches or take as an appetizer.