The sauce that defines the island

You can’t talk about cuisine in Menorca without bringing up the famous mayonnaise(mayonnaise). Made from raw egg, oil, salt and some liquid acid (lemon juice or vinegar) complements a variety of dishes Menorca.

Even today, discussing its origin. On the one hand, some argue that the international dissemination mayonnaise is nothing less than the Duke of Richelieu, that he became acquainted with the mouthwatering delectable sauce for the Mahon site against the British – in the middle of the eighteenth century and later gave known in Paris, where the Marquise de Pompadour became fashionable to make it serve precisely at a banquet given in honor of the Duke for having succeeded in conquering the capital of Menorca.

Still others attribute its origin to Bayonne, mayonnaise so that it would be a degeneration of Bayonne. Finally, the legend says that going Richelieu with his troops by the middle ofMenorca, faint from the heat and hunger, a farmer took pity on the quarterback and, paucity of resources, we prepared the best we had bread with a sauce oil and egg. Richelieu enthusiastically took the prescription to Versailles.

Mayonnaise Sauce Recipe

Ingredients for 4 people: one egg yolk, a tablespoon of lemon juice and a cup of olive oil.

Preparation: you put the egg yolk in a hard container and mix with a wooden spoon.

Now put the oil very slowly. Always turn the spoon toward the same direction for as not trie. Do not fret speed. You continue with the oil until it is gone.

The sauce will be at their best when to catch it with the spoon without being rushed.