The Menorca beaches; your most precious treasure

The Menorca beaches and coves, a show.

One of the biggest attractions of Menorca is, without doubt, its beaches and coves. There are many tourists who visit Menorca during the summer to enjoy their holidays by the sea. There are very diverse beaches and there are them for all tastes; from beaches with tourist services and all the necessary comforts, to recondite and unsuspected virgin coves.

In some Menorca beaches is very common the practice of nudism, especially in the most hidden coves of the island. Menorca has a wide variety of beaches and very diverse among them depending on the area in which they are located. Although all have one thing in common; its crystalline waters.

Menorca beaches; South Coast and North Coast.

The natural and geographical characteristics of the island make a great difference between the Menorca beaches of the north and the south.

The Menorca beaches South stand out for their fine white sand, abundant green areas of pine forests and their turquoise and transparent waters. Among the virgin beaches of Menorca, they stand out for their beauty Macarella, Macarelleta, Binigaus, Son Saura, Cala Mitjana or Es Talaier. For its part, the Menorca beaches with services and more urbanized more important are Cala Galdana, Son Bou, Santo Tomas, Punta Prima, Cala en Porter and Son Xoriguer. In them you can find, accommodations on the beachfront, restaurants, public bathrooms and security service. In these beaches we usually find water activities to do during a long day at the beach, as they are usually the rent of ayaks, boats with pedals and even inflatable structures where the fun is assured.

The nMenorca north is more rugged due to the erosion caused by the tramontana wind on the coast. The Menorca north coast beaches show a thicker and darker sand. Its vegetation is not as high as in the south, due to the strong winds that hit this part of the coast. If we want to discover authentic treasures without urbanizing, we can visit Cala Pregonda, Cala Algaiarens, Cala Pilar, Binimel·la, Cavalleria or Cala Morella. In the north coast there are not as many beaches with services as in the south, being less touristy. The main beaches with services are S’Arenal den Castell, Cala Tirant or Arenal de Son Saura (Son Parc).

If what you want is to make tourism in Menorca through its beaches, do not hesitate to visit the information that Menorca Explorer offers of each of the beaches and coves of Menorca, as well as photos and all the services you can find in each beach mentioned.