Cala Presili

Menoroca beaches

Menorca has a wide range of beaches so it is one of the favorite sun and beach destinations for national and international tourists. The great variety beaches in Menorca allows tourists to choose with total freedom how and where to enjoy their best vacations.

If what you really want for your holidays in Menorca is to get away from the crowds and the beaches, the best option is to prepare your backpack with cold water, food, add plenty of sunscreen and use good shoes to head to the most unknown corners of the Menorca island. An excellent option for those who seek the most intimate tranquility are the different beaches of Menorca totally virgin away from the most tourist centers of Menorca

In these Menorca beaches it is very common to find nudists who enjoy their total freedom in an atmosphere of calm and silence. There are some virgin beaches where access is easier. That is why they tend to be quite full, so if you want a less crowded beach, we recommend you visit those that are difficult to access or that you should walk a long time to reach it. Once you find the beach, you will realize that it is worth the walk.

In these Menorca beaches where access is more difficult it is less frequent to find families with children, so silence and tranquility reign in a space in the middle of nature.

Finally, because of their isolated condition, it is highly recommended to bring sun protection, food, water and an anti-stinging ointment. On many occasions mobile coverage in these areas is non-existent, so from Menorca Explorer we recommend not forgetting everything you need as the road to the car can be quite long.

There are beaches at Menorca where access is so complicated that it is only possible to get through recreational boats. For this you have several establishments where they rent this type of boats, for hours, days, even weeks. In some cases it will be necessary to have the boat permit required to hire the rental. If you do not have any type of certificate for the management of recreational boats, you have the possibility of renting small boats, where you can navigate within a permitted perimeter. Another of the most requested services in Menorca, is the rental of boats with skipper, where you only have to worry about enjoying

The most virgin coves of Menorca

Some of these Menorca beaches considered more virgin and more difficult to access are:

  • Cala Pilar
  • Cala Pregonda
  • Cavallería
  • Son Saura
  • Cala Prisili

There are many other beaches in Menorca, which are said to be secret beaches. It is the work of the one who visits the island, looking for them and finding them, otherwise they would not be secret. Do you dare?