Trepuco Talayotic Settlement

On the outskirts of Mahon, is of interest to visit the Trepuco Talayotic SettlementTalatí de Daltand Navetas de Rafal Rubí.

Continuing south along the road from the cemetery and the chapel of Gracia, will arrive in a few minutes until Trepucó archaeological site, one of the most interesting of Menorca. Inhabited since 1700 BC, roughly, it seems that was destroyed in the third century C., in the course of the Second Punic War. In central position rises a great talayot, one of the best on the island, and next to him, taula the other element of the settlement public. Fencing megalithic monuments, there is a starry floor wall built in the eighteenth century. This is because in this place the batteries sat the duque de Crillon during the siege of the fortress of San Felipe in 1856. Something rises farthest one seconds talayot lower, with several circular houses.

Talatí de Dalt and Navetas de Rafal Rubí

The Talatí de Dalt open daily from 9:00 am to 21:00 pm during the summer. Economic input, approximately at kilometer 3 of the Mahon-Ciudadela road, a signaling pathway leading to the left towards the town talaiotic Talatí de Dalt. It talayot retain a circular in good condition, with terraced houses, several rooms hypostyle artificial caves and above all, a curious taula, which has not only maintained the usual T-shaped structure, but has attached a pilaster with capital in stable equilibrium.

The visit to the Navetas de Rafal Rubi is free entry. A little later that Talatí de Dalt, direction from Mahon to Ciudadela, just before mile 7, a right turn will take you to the two naveta Rafal Rubí.The shuttles, exclusive constructions of the megalithic culture of Menorca, were used as mass graves in which the bones were deposited once emaciated corpses elsewhere. Rafal Rubí those belonging to the PreTalayotic period, are among the best preserved of the island. It is still accessible through a rudimentary corridor, the lower chamber of the two consisted of those burials.