son mercer de baix

In Ferreries, Son Mercer de Baix

Around Ferreries can take an interesting excursion that leads to the village PreTalayotic of Son Mercer de Baix, one of the best preserved from this period. To get there, follow the road to Es Migjorn Grand and turn right shortly afterwards by a wide track, which crosses several properties to reach this settlement, located along the gorge d’es Fideua. It consists of several houses with floor horseshoe characteristics of this period, but the most outstanding element is the Cova des Moro, a construction nabiforme, about thirteen feet long by four wide, which has retained its original cover. Three columns irregular composition of various rocks, holding large horizontal slabs, and create a highly suggestive space.

More More remains in Alaior, Sant Lluís and San Clemente

Around Alaior, we find the famous Torre d’en Gaumes. Entry fee, although its origin seems to date from pre-Talayotic time, reached its heyday from 1300 BC, approximately, and was used until the late Middle Ages, as evidenced by several findings of the period of Arab rule.

Also, returning to the road of Sant Lluís to Cala Binisafuller, approximately at km 2, is locatedtalayotic village of Binisafullet. It is a wooded, beautiful and preserved, including archaeological remains, a taula, a pillared hall and a talayot. The town is permanently open and admission is free.

Finally, near San Clemente, we find the Talayot of Torellonet Vell and the early Christian Basilica ofFornàs de Torello. The talayot of Torellonet Vell is the highest in Menorca and one of the best preserved. Data from between 1500 and 200 BC, its diameter is approximately twenty meters, is circular and retains access to the upper chamber.

About 300 meters later you will find the early Christian basilica Fornàs de Torello, built during the sixth century. It has a single nave, topped by rectangular apse, and is small in size: it measures twenty meters long by ten wide. It is protected by a fence and preserved the baptismal font and the ground was covered with a mosaic of exceptional beauty, with various representations of symbolic animals such as lions, peacocks, fish and so on. If you continue towards Mahon, you can visit a little beyond the Talayots of Curnier.