The Cathedral, medieval church

Ciutadella Cathedral

It is located in the Plaza de Pio XII and is the only existing medieval church on the island of Menorca. It was built between the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries and its architectural structure dominates the Catalan Gothic style. The facade is neo-classical eighteenth century.The cathedral was damaged by the Turks 1558, collapsing the roof in 1626. Also suffered damage in 1936 and was restored as bishop of Citadel Dr. Pascual.

The temple displays a single ship of beautiful Gothic style and is inserted inside a dozen chapels, one of them, the Souls, octagonal, perhaps is a remnant of the ancient Arab mosque was built on the site of which the Menorca present basilica. Of great interest is the Gothic altarpiece.

In the south gate is a tombstone dated 1323 attesting to the antiquity of the Cathedral of Ciutadella. Among the notable elements of the exterior of the temple, reliefs include chimeric animals bearing the capitals of the door of Light, on which stand the arms of Aragon and Ciutadella.

Los Palacios y el Seminario Conciliar

Palacio de Olivar

It stands opposite the cathedral. At the entrance of the palace calls attention to its vast hall, with its lofty dome. In its comfortable lounges, fully furnished, are kept interesting collection of clocks and English prints, fans, costumes typical of the island of numismatics, valuable archaeological and Arab jars. The private archive is also very important. The Hall of Honor, dining room and the hall of mirrors are rooms that boast rich ornamental.

Palacio del Conde de Torre Saura

It boasts a beautiful carved facade, particularly so the tiny bows frieze, the cornice and eaves.The sumptuous rooms are richly furnished. It is very interesting collection of prints and watercolors of English periods of domination on the island.

Palacio del Marques de Menas Albas

This is the old Casa Squella, who wears a pink facade and gold. Very interesting the wide entrance and staircase adorned with finely wrought irons. The magnificent dining furniture exhibit splendid Queen Anne and Chippendale, artistically carved hardwood species, including most notably the superb bed and mini embossed later by Horace Vernet. Are also interesting collections of British watercolors and prints and French and the bedroom where he slept in 1867, David G. Farregut, American admiral originating Ciutadella.

Palacio de Casa Salort

It stands next to Torre Saura. It is of Renaissance style and has a high domed lobby. The rooms are embellished with fine furniture, paintings and tapestries.

Palacio Episcopal

Located next to the cathedral and is neoclassical. It is quite remarkable the spacious courtyard with a gallery of Italian Renaissance influence.

Seminario Conciliar

It is located in Vila Obispo Street and was formerly the Augustinian convent. It consists of a spacious cloister with massive columns and high arches and an interesting chapel. It has a library of some 14,000 volumes and an interesting archaeological museum, with epitaphs of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries.

Palacio Municipal

Former residence of the governors of Menorca, stands on the same site as the old Royal Alcazar, Plaza del Borne in full, in view of the port. The palace was restored in the late nineteenth century. Interestingly the Gothic Hall, with its beautiful wood paneling and wrought iron art lamps.

The Municipal Palace preserves a priceless archive, with documents from his university and others involved in the island. It contains also a curious low Museum, with interesting archaeological collections, ancient looms, objects of the times of British rule, the scroll of the Taula dels Jurats 1615, a showcase dedicated to Admiral Farragut, whose parents were born in Citadel-a Christ XII century ivory and a curious collection of paintings on glass.