caldereta de langosta

Restaurants offer traditional recipes as well as haute cuisine

Menorca’s cuisine is centred on fresh fish and seafood, as well as top quality locally grown produce. The most famous dish is, without doubt, the Caldereta de Langosta, a lobster stew specialty which can be sampled in a number of Island locations, but whose unquestionable Mecca is the Fornells Harbour.

Sobrasada, braços de gitano, gin…

Ciutadella and Maó offer a wide range of cuisine. You will find restaurants to suit all tastes: Menorcan, international or haute cuisine. These are complemented with other restaurants further inland, especially at Es Mercadal.With regard to local sausages, you will find the typical ‘sobrasada’ (made thinner and less spicy than the Mallorcan one), the long pork cured sausage (here known as ‘carn i xua’) and the ‘camot’ (really similar to the Mallorcan ‘camaiot’).lf what you are interested in is tasting a delicious dessert do not hesitate, Es Mercadal is the place. Discover the most specialised cake shop In Menorca’s confectionery. It is a must for the most sweet-toothed people, especially if you ever relish its “amargos”, “braços de gitano”, ‘carquinyols’ and other specialties.

Also of special interest for food buffs is the opportunity to visit several farmhouses (llocs in Menorca’s dialect) open to the public, where you wiII have the opportunity to sample Menorca’s distinctive cheeses or purchase traditional homemade sausages, such as ‘sobrasada’. Another experience not to be missed is having a shot of gin at the Xoriguer distillery in Maó’s harbour. Here you can see how this delectable gin is produced, a method acquired from the British and dating back to the XVIII century. A delicious drink always present in the mass local festivities around Menorca.