Fish and shellfish

The cuisine of seafood has become the star ofgastronomy Menorca, especially the famous lobster stew, as Mecca is the port of Fornells. Against a background of onion, tomato, garlic and parsley is added chopped lobster and cook on high heat. The resulting soup is served with bread, and it is right to rest the broth from the day before its consumption.

Specialties, sausages and confectionery menorquina

Menorquin dishes very convincing are stew of grouper, grouper grilled with mayonnaise, sea bream baked, grilled squid, turtle soup, red mullet on the grill or oven with potatoes, “escupinyas ( clams are eaten raw with lemon or baked with a mixture of breadcrumbs, parsley and garlic), dates (which are cooked with sherry and parsley), the “kid peus” (hairy chest) and “Cornets” ( seashells).

Also popular are the “arros the terra” pie “to be carn” and oliaigua, a relative of the Mallorcan soups, broth-based with vegetables and sliced bread. In summer it is eaten with figs tender.

As for the sausages, drawing up the typicalsobrasada, thinner and less spicy than Majorca, and the sausage known as “carn i xua”, prepared with lean meat, mixed with small squares cut bacon and seasoned with salt and pepper , never lack for hiking or picnics. The “camote” is a sausage, black and very greasy, almost equal to camaiot Mallorcan.

Among the desserts, which are so fond of menorquines, are famous bitters (made with almonds), the “carquinyols” (almond and egg), the “crespellets” the buns, the “rubiols” the “Brac Gitano “and” turró cremat of Mercadal, as well as “formatjades” (meat pies), the “bamba coca” (coca fiestas take the hot chocolate) and “cokes tomatiga (Cokes tomato) from Ciutadella.