Coca Bamba

Ingredients: 1 kilo of flour, 300 or 400g of fat, 300g sugar, 5 eggs, 2 boiled potatoes, 50 gr baking yeast, water and floreti sugar (powdered sugar).

Preparation: In the afternoon boil the potatoes with the skin. Once cooked, peel and grind with a fork. Rid yeast in warm water and place them in a bowl the flour, leaving a hole in the middle-and rid the yeast with the water you drink. We will cover the bowl and let stand for about 40 minutes until the dough has risen or tobado.

Then you add the fat, a little more flour and eggs. Sugar Finally, it must not touch the yeast. I grazed it and let it sit overnight.

The next day, to see if the paste is able to touch it with your finger and if it sinks, it’s a good sign.

To make the buns and give them round, we must make a spiral or shell pasta that we roll up to get the typical shape of the buns from San Juan, which has nothing to do with the ensaimada Mallorca, leaving them placed on the baking sheet and tobar they finish.

To form the ensaimada and graze when hands should be rubbed with suet or butter.

Place them in the oven over medium heat and watch them. When they start to be stuffed and caught the golden color that characterizes both the furnace will draw. When ready, cover them with powdered sugar.

By way of detail, comment that in the town of Mahon and environs, the ensaimada de Sant Joan is called “Coca Bamba” and is the breakfast / lunch typical of popular festivals. It is taken with a cup of hot chocolate.