Tasty and developed

Ingredients for 4 people: four hunting partridge, a small head of garlic, 50g of white toast, two bay leaves, two tablespoons of wine vinegar, a generous cup of olive oil, some vanilla, ½ tsp pepper Red, black pepper and salt.

Preparation: plucked partridge and emptied of interiority, with care and Wipe dry with a clean cloth.

Heat the oil in a flat greixonera dorad partridges. Got the point, and bring water to boil with the pot uncovered. Add salt.

At thirty minutes of cooking to introduce the whole head garlic, unpeeled, bay leaf and black pepper.

When you have five minutes to remove the pan from the heat, crush the toasted bread in a mortar, along with the vanilla and vinegar. Collect the mixture with a little sauce and sprinkle the partridges.

Test the seasoning and serve hot. The sauce should reduce thickens without you.