A seasonal dish

Ingredients for 4 people: four Manados wild asparagus, thick and tender, eight eggs, a little garlic, chopped fresh outbreak, half cup of olive oil and salt.

Development: Rejecting the hardest part of the asparagus and cut the tender part into pieces.

Clean and drain. Peel the garlic, parsley and chop clean both ingredients.

Whisk the eggs and seasoning.

Heat oil in a paella the size of a flat plate. Drown the asparagus until they are “grenyals. Now add the garlic and mix. Remove the paella from the heat and put the parsley. Season all, mix and drain the oil from the fry before adding the beaten eggs.

Heat two tablespoons of clean oil (in the same paella, cleaned and dried). Curdle the tortilla a little fire that does not go brown and get within a minute. Serve immediately.