The main figure in all festivities: the horse

From distant times each town’s local festivities are one of the bigger appeals in summer. Without any doubt the main role in these popular festivals is being played by the horse, which remains utterly under control in a middle of a crowded square and dances in time to the traditional music “Jaleo”, while the streets are filled with joy and a festive atmosphere.

This local thoroughbred horse, slender and majestic was officially acknowledged in 1989. The coat of the Menorcan horse is mainly black with long thin legs, round eyes and a vigorous Iook. It is a warm-blooded animal very energetic and noble, but only ridden in a very specific fashion.

All these popular festivals are ruled by an old protocol. Nevertheless, the internationally known Sant Joan festivities in Ciutadella are especially interesting because they are the most traditional and every year thousands of visitors enjoy this celebration. These religious ‘fiestas’ last three days: the day of the lamb, the Vigil and the day of Sant Joan. The origins of these festivities date back for centuries. A good proof of this are the spectacular medieval equestrian games/show (ses carotes, ensortillades, corer abraçats), where the riders -among a crowd- show their skills at Es Pla.

During the local ‘fiestas’ the town is all decked out. All the streets are packed with visitors and residents, the gastronomic and handicrafts stalls are open all day long and the local bars sell the popular “pomade” (a mixture of Gin Xoriguer and lemonade) until really late at night.

Finally, numerous open-air dances and fireworks will mark the end of the “fiestas”.

Calendario de Fiestas Populares Menorca

Mes Días Pueblo Festividad
Junio 21, 23, 24, 25 Ciutadella Sant Joan
Julio 15, 16 Es Mercadal Sant Martí
Julio 24, 25, 26 Es Castell Sant Jaume
Julio 28, 29 Fornells Sant Antoni
Agosto 4,5 Llucmaçanes Sant Gaietà
Agosto 4,5 Es Mitjorn Sant Cristòfol
Agosto 11, 12 Alaior Sant Llorenç
Agosto 18, 19 Sant Climent Sant Climent
Agosto 24, 25 Ferreries Sant Bartomeu
Agosto 25, 26 Sant Lluís Sant Lluís
Septiembre 6, 7, 8,9 Maó Mare de Déu de Gràcia
Septiembre 8, 9 El Toro Sant Nicolau