Exemplary for its tranquility

Today, the hamlet of Llucmaçanes is one of the towns of Mahon’s most coveted for its tranquility. Living in this charming town is to enjoy nature and its simple and friendly people. In the Plaza de Sant Gaietà find the church of the same name, flanked by two tiny little squares.In a cross is a term and the other a small playground.

Fiestas de Sant Gaietà

Opposite the church of Sant Gaietà, is the A.VV., an entity very active throughout the year organizes various cultural activities, sports and social. The most important is the celebration of fiestas. TheLlucmaçanes celebrations occur during the first weekend of August. They can enjoy the traditional “fuss” and its lively festivals.

Their roads invite you to take long walks or bike, enjoy the beautiful sky of Menorca and the freshness of their fields.